Save My Marriage

Save My Marriage

Can I save my marriage? You ask. And the answer to that is really up to you in most cases. It all boils down to how bad you really want it. Apparently some issues have come up and the big D word has raised its ugly head in the conversation. The good news is its not over until it’s over and even then there is still hope.

Couples divorce and remarry all the time. But if you can stop it before it gets that far you’ll be better off and save hundreds if not thousands in lawyer fees. Not to mention all the drama it puts you, your friends and family through. And then one of you has to move out. Talk about change that’s a big one.

In every marriage there is just one that loves the other one more. So, when you ask can I save my marriage? The answer is yes if you can be that one that loves more and are truly committed. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do because you’re not dealing with a perfect person on the receiving end.

Sometimes you have to get a different perspective on things and get your pride out of the equation. What good is pride when you have lost your soul mate? Let me share a secret with you. The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but, it has to be mowed more often.

Basically if you think you have problems now it can always be worse. If you can’t deal with issues that come up and run away or let them get out of hand to cause a divorce what makes you think the next relationship will be any better?

Maybe you were too young and fell in lust or the new has worn off now. Maybe you have grown apart or just have problems communicating. There are a million and one reasons why the big D word comes up. And why people ask can, I save my marriage? Just the fact that you even asked that question gives you better than a fifty percent chance that you can.

In some states they have a no fault divorce in other words you can get a divorce for any reason. Like she/he is heavier than when I married them or his/her hair is too gray. You really don’t need a real reason these days.

Maybe that is a good thing verses killing one another but where is the accountability? What ever happened to the promise of for better or worse or till death do us part?

On the other hand if you are in an abusive relationship verbally or getting the pudding beat out of you physically. Run; don’t walk to the nearest exit! And don’t look back unless your ex goes through some serious counseling.

Sure it’s true that married people live longer, studies have shown that married people are better off than single or couples that live together. People who marry tend to generate more wealth, have a better and more active sex life (Yep, even more than sexually active singles and couples that just live together!), and are healthier physically and emotionally than single for the most part.

Back to, can I save my marriage? Like was mentioned before if you are willing to be that one who loves the most and are committed it is doable. It more than likely will require some kind of change for both you and your mate. But you can’t change them if you can’t change yourself first.

Real change! That will actually please your soul mate. You need to open up the communication lines and find out what they are wanting from you. And if it is at all possible do it for them. If they can see a difference in you it will make a difference in them also.

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