Victim of Marriage or Victor – 7 Eye Opening Differences of a Victim and a Victor

Victim of Marriage or Victor

7 Eye Opening Differences of a Victim and a Victor

If you are being threatened or getting the pudding beat out of you in your marriage leave NOW. You are a real victim and you were not put on this earth to be abused.

But that’s not the kind of victim this article is about. It’s about the differences of a mindset, an attitude or mentality of a real victor and someone that thinks they are a victim in their marriage. It’s so easy to be a victim but it requires some self discipline to be the victor.

A victim blames their mate when things go wrong.

A victor figures out a solution to the problem and says “don’t worry about it we’ll get through this together.”

A victim expects the best without putting forth any effort to get it.

A victor puts forth their very best effort and is grateful for whatever they do get.

A victim wants more love and respect.

A victor gives more love and respect and in so doing, planting seeds and receiving their harvest.

A victim wants their mate to make them happy.

A victor knows happiness is their own choice that they have to make sometimes daily or sometimes hourly if need be.

A victim will argue about anything at the drop of a hat.

A victor knows how to agree to disagree to keep the peace in the home.

A victim surrounds themselves with drama and always has a way to turn a mole hill into a mountain.

A victor can see the mountain and has a way to turn it into something useful like a ski resort.

A victim thinks they are in a war with battles to be won.

A victor knows they are in a marriage and will always have some disagreements that will require compromise.

So, now would you consider yourself more of a victim of marriage or a victor? If you are a victim married to a victor and expecting them to change, now would be a good time to do some self evaluation.

However, that is probably not your case. Feel free to share this article with all the other victors you know. It could help encourage them to know you thought of them while you were reading this. And everybody could use a little encouragement now and then especially this kind of victor in a marriage.

Do you fight with your mate? If so you need to check out Arguments in The Marriage-10 Ground Rules. Because a relationship shouldn’t be a battle ground it should be a place for peace.

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