Marriage Communication

Marriage Communication

Are you a motor mouth? Can you talk the same speed while inhaling as you do exhaling? I’ve met a few people that it sure seemed like they could. I’m sure none of my readers are like that though, but that is not communication.

There are all kinds of ways to communicate however when it comes to talking we have to take turns. It’s called common courtesy and really works great for a marriage relationship. It shows your mate respect and lets them know that they are important enough for you to take your time to listen to them.

On the other hand if you keep interrupting them they feel like you don’t care about their thoughts or feelings. You are basically ignoring them so you probably don’t care about them either. And if you would just step back and think about it for a second. Whatever you had to say that interrupted them, was it that important that it just couldn’t wait until they finished their sentence?

I realize I’m preaching to the choir and you wouldn’t do such a thing. When it comes to communication in a marriage little things like that have a way of adding up if we are not careful.

It’s not that we intentionally hold grudges our subconscious picks this stuff up and it’s more like once we have been burned by something we tend to approach it with caution. There by losing a little security making us feel more vulnerable.

With little things like that is where the wedges that start dividing a couple come from. It has a way of affecting the whole marriage communication process. Next thing you know they are barely looking at each other and flirting is just out of the question. When walking down the street they don’t hold hands anymore.

If you interrupt your mate then Bob Newhart has the right advice for you. “Just stop it.”<– Click Link for fun! It opens in a new window and I’ll wait on you.

If your mate interrupts you then you have three choices. You can just forgive and forget and not take offense, you can let it work on your subconscious and drive a wedge in your marriage or you can tell them how you feel and keep the relationship open and honest.

Keeping the lines of communication open in your marriage is really up to you because, people will only respect you as much as you respect yourself.

I have seen couples show more love and respect to the family pet or to a total stranger than they do toward each other and that’s a sign that their relationship is all but over. If your relationship is even close to that it could use a little help.

Since you are hanging out with me this far will you keep reading just a little longer? I would share some statistics on marriage with you, but that would just bore you to sleep and they change almost daily.

And besides that the only relationship you have any control over is your own, so what the rest of the world does or doesn’t do is out of your hands anyway.

The way I see it is you still have options if you are have marriage problems. Let me stress violence is NOT one of your options! Prison is no place for you! Never been there myself but watched enough TV to know that it’s no fun.

Option #1 Keep doing what you are doing and hope things change for the better.

Option #2 You could get an Attorney and go through a long drawn out divorce and lose 50% of what you have now, actually closer to 70% after lawyer fees.

Option #3 You could find a marriage counselor and force your mate to go with you for about a dozen sessions and either give up some evenings or take time off work for the appointment.

Option #4 You could check out Save My Marriage Today at less than the price of one session with a marriage counselor and a 60 day money back guarantee if it didn’t work and then find yourself a counselor or a lawyer.

This e-book has worked for thousands of relationship issues though. Yours maybe different from the rest but I doubt it. The bottom line is how bad do you want to save your relationship and how soon do you want things to change? 12 weeks or 12 hours? Save My Marriage Today.

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