Christians with Marriage Problems?

Christians with Marriage Problems?

Christians with marriage problems? How can that happen? Could it be that just because we are Christians that doesn’t make us perfect? Or that Satan will attack any marriage any way he can and being a Christian doesn’t make you exempt. We war not against flesh and blood so, your mate is not the enemy.

There was only one perfect person that walked this earth and his name was Jesus Christ. And yes he is still alive and well. He is in upper management now though. Thank God He is, because I would have been dead about 37 years ago if he wasn’t.

Back then I had a kidney disease and the doctors did all they knew to do for me. And nothing they did seemed to help so, they told my parents to take me home to die. However they didn’t know my Jesus like I do. My healer.

The doctors told my parents to bring me back to see them once a month though, and if I by chance I would live that I wouldn’t be able to sire any children because of the drugs they gave me.

Well long story short, I probably out lived the doctors and I had 5 children, 4 still living. Life can be hard at times but all in all the good out weighs the bad.

Anyway, I’m still around walking Gods green earth and still able to harass my readers and friends. Why? You ask. It’s all because of God’s mercy and grace in my opinion. Because I’m so far from perfect it’s pathetic.

Or could it be that He is so much smarter than me and knew I was going to do this blog to help relationships stay together. I’m just guessing here. You maybe a Christian with marriage problems or an atheist just reading this to give me your two cents worth of negative comments. And that is OK, because I have heard the wind blow before.

The bottom line is there is a God. And only one true and living God that created the heavens and the earth. And the big bang was when He spoke it into being. My Bible says I was created in His image in other words I am a speaking spirit that can speak things into existence also.

Which I do all the time. And so do you! Think about it. What kind of words come out of your mouth? Are you calling things the way they are or you speaking things into existence. For instance, if your mate comes home tired from work do you tell them you don’t love me any more because they flopped down on the sofa instead of kissing you or do you say I know they love me because they work so hard to help pay the bills?

Want to know the best part of all this? God knows us better than we know ourselves and He knows that we have an enemy called Satan fighting us every step of our journey. All God asks of us is to except His Son as our Savior acknowledge Him and realize all our problems are either self inflicted or we are listening to the wrong one that will get us in trouble every time.

If you live in America you have probably seen TV shows were an angle is on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder of an actor. Well, that is more fact than fiction in real life. How can that be in real life?

Well, as a Christian you are still living in the flesh which is, sorry to say is self centered. Why do we do that?

Because we get so involved in the things of this life and forget that this is just a testing ground for what is coming next. As a human  being imperfect as we are we tend to forget that there is a bigger picture than what we are living now.

If you are a Christian with marriage problems. Regardless how your partner treats you, the issue is how do you treat them. Because you can’t control them no matter how hard you try but, you can control yourself and your comments toward them

Here is the bottom line with Christians with marriage problems, with time comes change. We all change over time. We all get older, fatter or skinner, and more set in our ways. The biggest problem in a relationship is one tends to out grow their partner.

And that is not a bad thing in itself but, the thing to keep in mind is you are not traveling this life alone at this point. If you grow so fast and leave your partner behind the problem is they could find someone that will be at the place they are at now.

If you are growing faster than your partner is growing. Maybe you should slow down a bit or become a better teacher of what you have learned for you partner’s sake.

Here is just one circumstance that I have seen in my life where one of the partners thought they out grew their partner and became so holy they couldn’t stand their partner. They ended up having an affair themself.  Wasn’t that smart?

I was just a peon in the church and she was in the music ministry with a cute little daughter. I have no idea how any of that turned out because I left the church shortly after that. That just about made me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

That let me know that Christians do have marriage problems. And I would never have seen that one coming! But, it happens all the time. Christian or not, relationship problems start and end for lack of honest communication.

Here is just my opinion and I could be wrong. But, there in no room for secrets in a relationship. When things are face up and both of you are showing your cards you are both on a level playing field. You take the good and work through the bad together.

When you have to keep a secrete from your mate you are heading for trouble. As a Christian with marriage problems that really starts at day one. Because, there is no way you will think exactly like your mate. You grew up in different homes with different parents.  And males and females by nature don’t think the same either.

Now, if you are anything like me and I think you are. When looking for a mate you wanted something different then you.  Let’s face it we all have days we can’t even stand ourselves! I guess that makes us less then perfect. I can live with it, how about you?

The trick is knowing your own faults. Friends are handy for pointing them out. Just don’t be to hard on them for saying so. And don’t be to proud not to admit them. Thank God for friends!

If you think you can pull yourself up by your own boot straps, I have news for you! It aint going to happen! We need friends or a mate to keep us in place. Now when you have good friends or a mate that truly cares for you. You know someone that is up front and honest with you. Not giving you advice for their benefit  but, sees you making mistakes that will not be in your best interest.  Take heed!

Christians will always have marriage problems! Even Billy Graham admitted he had issues in his marriage. And that doesn’t make you a bad person if you do too. It all boils down to how you handle them.

I could ramble on for hours but, I won’t. So, if you are having marriage problems I recommend Save My Marriage today by Amy Waterman. She has a free 6 part mini course called, “The 6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce.. And How to Stop Them From Happening to You!!”

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