This Relationship Dance

This Relationship Dance

In this relationship dance you have to decide who is going to lead and when. Since opposites attract you are both going to be different and have a some what alike thinking but, still a different skill in different areas of life.

Just like with dance, timing is everything and it takes communication wither its verbal or just a gentle touch for two people to work together. Still only one can lead at a time.

Now there are times you have to be skilled to lead and other times you have to follow and let your partner lead. Which requires trust that they know what their doing. This relationship dance shouldn’t be about ego, it doesn’t matter if you are the one leading or the one following you’re still in the dance.

Nobody knows everything about everything. Just go ahead and admit it that you don’t. It’s alright! To say otherwise, you are not fooling anybody not even yourself. And you come off as a big bag of hot air to those around you.

Besides that you can’t live a lie for very long before it catches up with you and lose all credibility. So, unless you are just playing the field and not really serious about this relationship dance you are in, just be honest with yourself and your partner.

There is no shame in being a follower of a trusted partner! I know several guys that let their wives drive them around in the car when they go places together. And never even heard of an accident they were ever in. Apparently, they trust their wives since they never steered them wrong. (Pun intended)  Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!

All kidding aside for now, because this relationship dance is really life threatening.  Did you know that married couples that stay together live longer, have a better sex life than folks that just live together and they accumulate more wealth than others that get divorced?

So, at the end of the day how much does it really cost you to be submissive and let your partner lead at times? Think of it this way. If they are leading and you both walk into a mud puddle, they can’t blame you for muddy shoes. Now can they?

If that was to ever happen and God forbid. But, if it did. Hopefully, you would be smart enough to keep your mouth shut and let them learn from their mistake. (We all make them) However, if you are being lead through the same mud puddle more then twice it may be time for you to take the lead!

This relationship dance takes two to make it work. That is two trying to work together. Ok, there may be in laws and outlaws bidding for some time, but they are no threat to you unless they are trying to slam dance your partner. In that case they just have to go!

Sorry, don’t know where that came from. Must have been meant for somebody though.

Wow, that was a bit weird, but let me get back to the point of this relationship dance thing. It is important that you are both listening to the same song at the same time to dance together.

And agree which one is going to lead for this particular song. I’m sure we are on the same page but, just in case. I’m using metaphors here. Songs are situations and the dance is how they are preformed.

OK, anyway, in a dance only one can lead. Otherwise it just isn’t going to flow together with the music; it’s going to be pretty awkward for you both, and for anybody watching also, jerky to say the least.

The bottom line is, know your own strengths and your partners also. And on the other hand if they want to lead encourage them, give them advice when you can but don’t put them down for trying.

Sure, they may fail a time or two and drag you though a mud puddle here and there but.

On the bright side of things they are learning. This is a good thing for you!  The more they learn the better your life gets.

Try to always be prepared to take the lead in this relationship dance but, never take it without mutual consent. Let them screw up trying if they want to. Unless, you know that it is a real mistake.

If they are trying to dance you off a cliff, stand your ground you know better than that. But, if they are leading and dance you both through a mud puddle they will learn something.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter who lead this relationship dance its all about the relationship. Keep the peace if all possible. Tomorrow is another day and a chance to do better.

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  1. Posted August 11, 2009 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    Ah, marriage. It’s truly a complicated dance. There’s a lot to learn from it.

    The wisdom behind marriage is your ability to evolve into a much better person. It’s about how you defy yourself to meet its challenge. It’s has a lesson one must learn.

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