When Infidelity Kills The Marriage

When Infidelity Kills The Marriage

When infidelity kills a marriage it’s like having a heart attack. When your loved one has a heart attack that doesn’t mean that it’s fatal if the right steps are taken. And it’s the same with infidelity.

Is a heart attack serious? You bet it is! Can it kill you? Yes, but not necessarily if you get professional help from a doctor. Is infidelity serious? Again, you bet it is! Can it kill a marriage? Again, yes, but not necessarily. However, you have a lot more options then you do with a heart attack.

Sure, it takes quick action to stop it from being a serious problem. Sometimes it requires a marriage counselor (professional help) and sometimes you can handle it on your own without that much help also.

Here is the bottom line. Can you find it in your heart to forgive them or are you going to let infidelity kill your marriage? That’s the question only you can answer. You know your mate and how much they mean to you.

Next you have a trust issue. It seems the concrete foundation of trust in your marriage was replaced with the cheap imitation of lust. Will you ever be able to trust them again? It would be a lot easier if they were the one that came to you and confessed and vowed to never do it again versus you being the one to catch them in an affair.

Either way it is still painful to you. It’s sort of like whacking your elbow on something. It’s a hurtful thing! But, you have no one else to blame because you weren’t paying attention to what you were doing.

No one gets up in the morning and says I’m going to whack my elbow today and see how funny that funny bone really is. No, it happens because we just get busy with other things on our mind and forget to look out for our elbow until we feel the pain. It’s like we took that member of our body for granted.

Oh, it’s really easy to do because, it’s always there for us when we need it and we don’t think too much about it when we don’t. Sort of like your mate. Right?

The big difference is your mate needs a little more of your attention than your elbow requires. To keep this post rated somewhere around a pg13 let’s just say, when their needs aren’t being met that’s when the marriage killer infidelity comes to cause pain in the relationship.

We live in a busy time right now. With all the political stuff going on. 1,000+ page bills getting passed and nobody takes the time to read them, fore closers at a record high and unemployment in the double digits in my town.

Life is a bit hectic but, if you don’t do your home work with your mate and meet their physical and emotional needs chances are someone else will. And that’s just like opening the door and inviting infidelity to come in and kill your marriage.

Let me put it this way, when you just get done eating a good big meal and are full do you get in the car and go looking for another restaurant? Of course not! Your needs were met and you were satisfied. However, if all you were served was hor devours that you didn’t care for, you may be on the road again looking for a full meal deal somewhere else.

So, maybe you were content or a little too busy to pay attention to your mate. This is NOT to throw all the blame on you! Everybody is responsible for their own actions. However, if you are dealing with infidelity trying to kill your marriage then you have to admit changes will have to be made. Something went wrong somewhere.

And what you are both doing now isn’t really working for your marriage. Rest assured this situation didn’t just happen over night. Sure, it may have been a one night stand but, it was in the back of their mind for a while now to let it happen.

The point is that the affair happened and infidelity has shown it’s ugly head so, it’s up to you how this thing will all play out! They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I’ve see it myself. If your marriage can live through this and the right changes are made to prevent it from happening again. Your marriage could be better than it ever was before.

Now, to get your relationship back on track it’s going to take some time, honest communication and understanding from both of you.

When infidelity kills the marriage don’t be so quick to bury it when you can bring it back to life.

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