Marriage Needs

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Marriage Needs

If there were such a store that you could buy all your marriage needs for you and your mate. What kind of things would you put in your shopping cart? Are you busy right now? Good! Let’s go shopping. I’ll even push the cart.

Oh, you go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you as soon as I find a cart without a wobbly wheel. There you are, what ya looking at? Really, that looks interesting. The Original Attraction Action. It says guaranteed to help you keep the home fires burning and the original attraction in action…  Warning: Imagination Required.

What do you think, want to give it a try? Yeah, sounds pretty good to me too.

What’s this? Infidelity? That’s like there’s no ground rules in marriage. You got to be kidding me! Did you see the price on that thing? It says price varies from hurt feelings and loss of trust to divorce and possible death.

Whoa, obviously no marriage needs that! I know it has an attractive package and apparently that’s how it sells so good these days but, let’s stop looking at it before it ends up in the cart. Only a fool would stand there and take a sucker punch like that knowing good and well before hand of the out come.

Now here’s a good one that every marriage really needs. Love and it comes with patience, kindness, unselfishness, trust, hope and is long lasting. It also has an anti prideful and jealousy agent. It says, self multiplying, no purchase necessary, the more you give the more you get. That’s hard to pass up at that price.

Here you go look at this one. Commitment it says, The only bonding agent that holds any marriage relationship together under any situation. Works best when used by both partners and easily applied with love.

What do say? Sound helpful for your marriage needs? Add it to your cart then.

This one sounds like a vitamin for any marriage. Respect it says fortified with common courtesy and polite manners. Apply daily or when ever in contact with others especially your mate. Results may vary for the first thirty days after that results are 100% money back guaranteed. So, do you want it? I thought so, everybody can afford to give this a try.

What? You have to go now? There’s plenty more really great stuff here and your cart is not even half full. Oh, you want to start using these things right now, I see. Well, we can certainly come back and finish shopping for the rest of your marriage needs later.

Oh, good your back. Check out this old thing. It’s not used much any more but it works wonders and every  relationship needs it. Oh, sorry, here you read it. Gratitude Attitude it says, takes relationships to new heights by magnifying even the smallest of good things and shrinking all of the negative and is powerfully  packed with tolerance.

Yeah, good choice! It takes a little time to get used to it but, well worth the effort. Even your friends will notice a good difference.

What do you have there, can I see? Expectations and it comes in realistic or unrealistic. Which do you prefer? The difference, well lets see. Unrealistic expectations says, have it your way every day, live in your own little story book life. Caution: may lead to 5 ways to misery and could cause depression and divorce.

Realistic expectations says, it will help you find out the shocking truths about life. Such as, the world does not revolve all around you, life is not always fair and you don’t always get what you want when you want it. For best results for all your marriage needs use with love and gratitude for a healthy, happy and a successful marriage.

So, what did you decide? You have to pick one or the other. That’s your only two choices. We all have to have expectations that’s one of the reasons we keep getting up in the morning. Yes, realistic is hard to swallow at times but, it’s your best choice. Right?

Here’s a good one. It’s called Open Communication. Says, open communication just what every marriage needs. Fortified with honest nurturing caring support and compromising skills with voice volume control and an added bonus of a sense of humor. Do you want some of that? Good, put it in your cart and we’ll move on.

What do you have there? Certainty and Uncertainty in the same package. How can that be? What does it say? Certainty packed fully enough for all your marriage needs with order and predictability for a stable marriage.

Uncertainty with just the right amount of unpredictability and surprises to make you happy. Works well with about every thing except infidelity. That makes sense, who doesn’t like a good surprise every once in a while? When things become too predictable you get bored. Go ahead and add that to your cart too.

I know you need to go, and there are just so many choices here but, it seems like you’re still missing something. Ah, here it is! Intimacy it says, best used behind closed doors to put the spark back in romance and the fire back in passion. Sounds like a hot item to me. You too! SOLD.

If you’re missing any of these things in your relationship, there is still hope! Unfortunately there is not a store like that but, here’s certainly the next best thing for all your marriage needs.

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