Love Me?

Love Me?

After a break up in a relationship it’s easy to lose self confidence especially if they broke up with you. Then you start asking questions like did they ever really love me?

It’s just human nature, everybody wants to feel loved by someone. It gives us a feeling of self worth knowing that we are and not wondering if or do you love me?

There was a cartoon years ago with a girl holding a flower in one hand and pulling pedals off with the other. And with every other petal she pulled she would say “he loves me”, or “he loves me not”. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was just that simple? When you got all the way around a flower you would know one way or the other if they still love me.

I’ve seen couples get back together after a break up and even affairs and make it work. There has to be a few changes to make it happen tho. In reality, it wasn’t working the way you were going anyway or there wouldn’t have been a break up in the first place.

So, sometimes change is good. Let’s face it, you made a huge change in your life when you got into that relationship to begin with. Not all changes are that big but, they happen every day.

For instance, your hair or nails are growing all the time and need to be cut every so often but, you don’t think about it until it bothers you. In other words they require regular maintenance just like a relationship does.

Because, it’s constantly changing also. It’s either growing or dieing.

Planting a rose garden is about as easy as starting a relationship. However, they both require a bit of maintenance to keep them growing. To get the best out of your roses you have to water, add fertilizer, pull weeds, and prune them every once in a while. And for all your efforts you get a pretty, sweet smelling flower that will still stick you with it’s thorns.

With a relationship it’s watered with love, fertilized with open, honest and kind communication and before you start pulling weeds or pruning get your mirror out.

Still love me?  Maybe not.

After a break up may not be the best time but, its still a good time to get your mirror out and start pruning. You see, we all can find fault in others easier than we can find fault in ourselves. And since changes have to be made anyway. Go a head and get the mirror. Work with me here and I’ll explain.

We are all products of our environment. Now, if you are happy your ex is gone and you like your environment than forget about the mirror and move on with your life. If not, a little self examination might be just what the doctor ordered.

It could help you figure out what exactly and where it went wrong in your relationship and that’s the best place to start to get it back. On the other hand don’t be too hard on yourself because it does take two to tango and they may have lead that dance.

Most relationships don’t break up over one big thing. It’s usually a combination of a lot of little things that gets it to that point. And leaves one asking do they still love me? Now, if that sounds like you and I think it does or you would have stopped reading the first time a mirror was mentioned.

If this is after a break up for you and you really. and I mean REALLY want to get your ex back. In other words you have thought long and hard about this and you are ready to do what it takes to make it happen. Then let me tell you about a book my buddy wrote just for folks like you.

Now T.W. is a country boy if 40+ is still a boy. Well I know he didn’t change his sex anyway. His wife would kill him. He’s been to the big cities and around the world when he was in the navy but, he still likes living in  the country. And most country boys have a lot of common sense.

When it comes to putting relationships back together T.W. has got it figured out and has shared his knowledge with hundreds of people from around the world. You see in every relationship there is always one that loves more than the other and that has to be you in yours or you wouldn’t be here right now.

With T.W.’s training and your willingness to make it work he can coach you and you’ll have your ex coming back and thinking it was their idea. I’ll worn you right now some of the things he tells you to do will have you scratching your head and saying that will never work. But, it does.

Most people would never think of doing that and never get their ex back either! Honestly, it works if you are willing to take instructions. You can get it in an e-book and down load it today if you want to get started right now.

His book is called The Magic of Making Up. There’s really no magic to it but, it works like there is! It does cost some money but, what is your relationship worth to you anyway?  Oh, and if for some odd reason you just can’t bring yourself to follow the instructions and make it work for you. Anytime with in 8 weeks you can get 100% of your money back.

The bottom line is you either get you partner back or your money back and that’s about as risk free as it can get. Don’t wait any longer to get your question answered! Do they still love me?

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