A Great Marriage Starter Tips

A Great Marriage Starter Tips

Gratitude attitude is the beginning of a great marriage. Most people will go way out of their way to please someone else if they know they are appreciated. However, the opposite can work against you too.

If someone does you a favor and gets scolded because, it wasn’t enough or done soon enough. They will lose the desire to do you any more favors. So, showing a little appreciation by saying thank you for even the small things will go a long way in a relationship.

After all, gratitude is just focusing more on your blessings of the things that you do have and less on the things that you don’t.

Respect is also a big help for having a great marriage. You know you have a problem when you treat a total stranger better than you do your mate. And it is easy to fall into that trap of disrespect if they don’t please you for some reason.

And then the next thing you know little things are causing big arguments for no good reason. That doesn’t make a great marriage! Respect is a whole lot like love. The more you give the more you get. It has a way of multiplying and coming back to you.

Expectations have to be realistic. You didn’t marry a mind reader so you can’t expect your mate to grant your wish when they have no idea you even wanted something. That requires open and honest communication.

If you don’t like something just say it in a kind way but, change takes time for some people. So, don’t expect it your way every day.

Acceptance is really were your relationship started and that’s why you married them. But, that part can actually take years. You have to accept the fact that they are who they are and how they are and trying to turn that rough diamond into a jewel over night, just won’t work.

Tolerance is being able to let your mate be themselves. Over time you will grow closer together and act and think more like each other and experience the four seasons of marriage. Who knows with these starter tips you could have a great marriage.

Do you feel like you need more than just starter tips to have a great marriage? Is your marriage destroying your quality of life causing tension, emotional pain or sleepless nights?

You realize that if you keep doing the same things you’re going to keep getting  the same results. Are you ready for an alternative to marriage counseling?

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that gets the big results we were hoping for.

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