Soul Mate to Goal Mate

Soul Mate to Goal Mate

If you can turn your soul mate into your goal mate your chances of having a lasting relationship will improve immensely. Minor conflicts will stay minor to achieve a mutual goal because goal oriented people tend to stay more focused at the task at hand.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of goals you choose as long as you can both agree to work together on it. There needs to be some short term goals for the satisfaction of accomplishment and long term on going goals to keep you working together.

Be a Team Player

As they say there is no I in team so, sometimes let your soul mate pick the next goal and be a good sport and give them your support. Don’t miss the whole point of goal setting and feel like you have to be in control all the time. That’s not being a team player.

There may be times that require you to sit on the side line and just watch. And then other times you have to get out there and give it your best shot. Either way you are part of a team now. And that’s the main reason of goal setting to begin with.

Take One for the Team

Keep in mind that your soul mate is on your side and things don’t always work out how they were planned. So, if something goes wrong with a goal don’t be too quick to throw blame. Sometimes it’s just best to take one for the team and not say anything.

It’s not whether you win or lose its how you play the game.

Bring Home the Gold

It would be a good idea to keep a list of all your goals, the successes and the failures too. When you are celebrating your golden wedding anniversary you will be able to look back on it with a sense of accomplishment. And not necessarily for all that you have done but, just the fact that you had fifty years of marriage with your soul mate.

By setting goals you have found a way to create a connectedness through shared experiences. You’ll find new opportunities to inspire each other to greater achievement and can be down right entertaining and adventurous at times.

However, most marriages seem to start out on the wrong foot and any goal setting then would be difficult at best.  Conflict or complacency sets in and makes it harder for couples to work together. So, if your marriage isn’t working out the way you would like it to. Or it’s a bit out of shape you could sign up for Mort Fertel’s marriage fitness system or just get his free 7 secrets for fixing your marriage report. And turn your soul mate into your goal mate.

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