Women Worries

Women Worries

From Yahoo answers here are a couple questions that cause some women worries about their men. Are they warning signs that there are marriage problems or just men being men?

To save my relationship, how do I begin to distance myself to give him space? seeking any advice?

We’ve been together for almost a year. We’ve gone through some tough times dealing with his ex of 6 years.

Sooo, trust is a major issue. We’ve fought lately over many things and were debating on staying together (although after all the problems I want to stay together no matter what) — after how well the holidays went, we decided to continue our relationship.

Well, now it’s Monday and things just don’t feel the same. I am thinking it’s because (and he has said this) we’ve been spending a LOT of time together after things just hit the fan and he thinks its too much pressure.

Any advice on how to distance myself? Without worrying myself to death.. Do you truly think time will help heal us???

Additional Details

No, he has told me that he loves me and only me and wants this to work. There is not somebody else and he would for sure have the balls to tell me its over. He just doesnt like me crying to him all the time questioning us.

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He sounds like most guys and we just need some space and time away from our partners. As long as he’s not cheating on you, you really have nothing to worry about. Worry is paying interest on something that you don’t even own. And who does that?
You really don’t have to be with him 24/7 to have a good relationship. In fact a little space is good for your relationship. When you do meet up now you have something different to talk about. Otherwise guys feel like we are stuck in the ground hog day movie. Just the same old thing every day.
Guys just don’t need to be entertained. We can find plenty of things to keep us busy and some times we just like to do nothing at all. I guess that’s really not possible because your always doing something (even if it’s just sitting there staring off into space) but, that don’t stop us from trying.
Gals on the other hand are more social creators and think if someone is close to them they want to talk, get into feelings and all the other things guys aren’t comfortable talking about. And actually can be quite draining to us.
It’s really easy to put a little distance between you two without harming your relationship. All you have to do is entertain yourself a little bit more. Find a hobby, take some classes, visit with your friends or family, and learn something new that might be interesting for you or maybe him. If he likes to talk sports get into that, if he likes cars learn more about those, if you find what he likes is boring to you just find something more to your liking.
Take it to the limit at first until he complains that you are not spending enough time with him and then back off to a happy medium to make it work for you both.

Asker’s Comment:

thank you. this is very difficult. he is so standoffish lately its making me think the worst and hard to give him that space thinking he will stray

I don’t trust hubby………..?

He’s a good dad, but always gawking at other women. I don’t trust him. I want to leave but he keeps pleading he loves me. What to do?

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There’s no sin in looking at your neighbors flowers but, if you try to pick them. Now, that’s another story. If that’s his biggest problem looking at other women, then you don’t have any problems! Unfortunately it sounds like you have a communication problem though. If he is aware that this bothers you when you are with him and he stills does it then you’re not getting through to him how much it hurts your feelings.
Turn it around on him and gawk at men and see how he likes it. And have some fun with it too. Really rubber neck and maybe even a wolf whistle or two. If the guy looks back at you just point at your husband and shake your head. LOL
or, you could whistle at the women that he’s gawking at and if he gets his faced slapped. NO, Bad idea. Funny but, that would just start a fight between you two.
Or you could check out my friend Mort Fertel’s web site he’s a marriage coach that has helped thousands of couples with a lot worse issues than yours.

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