Break Up to Make Up

Break Up to Make Up

If you want to go from break up to make up you need to decide if that’s what you really want to do. Because now is your perfect opportunity to just walk away from that relationship and move on with your life. Go ahead and think about it I’ll wait.

Okay, you’re still here so, you’ve decided you really do want to get your ex back. Good choice! You’ve already figured out that your odds are 50% at best and that’s why you’re looking for ideas to improve them.

Since there’s really no point to break up just to make up something had to have gone wrong in your relationship. And it’s easy to throw the blame at your mate but, that won’t change a thing. And in fact just make it worse if you do.

You have to take on some if not most of the responsibility on yourself if you want to get back together. The fact is you allowed the passion to die and settled for complacency to take its place. Because no one leaves a passion filled relationship!

It doesn’t matter who was working to much overtime or who cheated on who if that’s the case. A break up to make up could have never happened if the passion was still there. What really happened is up to you to figure out but, you will never get back together if you won’t shoulder some of the blame.

That’s called being responsible. If you had a dog and never showed it any attention is there a small chance that if someone else did it would follow them home or just wonder off on its own?

The problem with complacency is that we tend to get into being too self centered. We get in our little comfort zone and let things go right on by us. Until our lives start to crumble around us before we wake up.

And then we find ourselves in the middle of a break up wanting to make up. At that point we have to admit we got so comfortable that we fell asleep at the wheel.

There is not a person alive that doesn’t have some kind of comfort zone but, you can’t live there all the time especially, if you’re trying to have a relationship. Your mate has needs too. And you can’t just ignore them.

Complacency is like a nice hot bubble bath but, if you stay in it too long you’ll just be sitting in cold dirty water. Now, passion is more like a nice hot shower where you actually have to stand on your own two feet but, when it’s over you do feel refreshed.

Let’s weigh this out. Trying to live in complacency is taking the easy road that ends up dropping you off at the inter section of break up to make up. And passion can be a rough road but, it will take you to your real destination of marital bliss.

Wow, it has to be uncomfortable to be in your shoes right now because that has to hurt. But, if I was, I would go right to my friend T Dub. He’s helped thousands of couples get back together under all kinds of different situations. He’s covered it all, everything from simple misunderstandings to out right cheating on each other.

He’ll improve your odds of getting back together to about 95%. He’s even got an e-book out now, that you can download instantly to show you how to get your ex back without begging or sounding needy but, it’s really up to you how bad you want to change your break up to make up.

Check out this short video where T.W. shows you an opening move to get your ex back.

Short Video From T. W. Jackson

Short Video From T. W. Jackson

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