You Are Certain You Want Your Ex Back

You Are Certain You Want Your Ex Back

The First 7 Steps to Success

Concentration is step one, if you are certain you want your ex back. After a break up your mind is going ninety miles an hour. It can feel like you were just dropped out of a tornado. It’s a little disorienting to say the least, especially if you were the one that got dumped.

This could take some time to get over the hurt and rejection of the split but, all your tears won’t change a thing. So, once you get over the initial shock and calmed down it’s time to concentrate on the task at hand, if you are certain you want to get your ex back.

Evaluation is step two. Now that you have some extra alone time on your hands you can concentrate and evaluate your situation. What drew you two together in the first place? What changed to cause the break up? What could have been done differently?

Would you be willing to take on some of the responsibility for the damage done to the relationship by your actions or inactions? What makes you so certain that you want your ex back? After all this would be a good opportunity to move on to a new relationship.

Revelation is step three. You’ve asked yourself all these questions and more to get down to the core of the problem. And decided that you are willing to do whatever it takes to put this relationship back together.

After doing a little back tracking you’ve figured out where the road teed and how you two started traveling in different directions. You’ve realized the coarse corrections that need to be made and your compass is now set.

Transformation is step four. What ever you were doing before the break up obviously wasn’t working. So, some changes will have to be made and since you can’t change your ex, you’ll need to work on your self. If you are still certain you want to get your ex back.

You could pick up a few books on relationships. Once you realize that change is just a part of life and when you embrace it, rather than fighting it off, you can reach your goals much faster and with fewer obstacles.


Affirmation is step five. You have to affirm to yourself that your reasons to get your ex back are not self serving. You may only get one chance to make this work out and if your ex senses it’s all about you it could be over for good.

You already had some what of a history with your ex since you want to get back together. You just didn’t see eye to eye on everything. You know you didn’t just break up to make up but, that’s your goal. You’re not going to let the former stop the latter because, you are certain you want your ex back.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been through this before but, having been with someone for awhile and after breaking up, there is still a bit of an advantage. You know them better than anyone else and you can make them feel admired, desired, and down right special.

Indication is the sixth step. Now this can be a little tricky and requires a bit of finesse. After you do the first five steps the initial contact should be more of an indication you want to get back together and not an out right invitation. Remembering the whole time you are certain you want your ex back and not rushing it.

It’s sort of like a bass bait effect. Everybody wants what they can’t have. You know something that is just out of their reach. When they feel they have to work for it, it will mean more to them.

Just because you are certain you want your ex back really doesn’t mean a thing unless your ex is willing to claim ownership of the idea. So, the first contact should be more of a chitty chat stay in touch type conversation.

Negotiation is step seven. You have to be flexible. You probably learned this a long time ago but, some how let it slip. You need to compromise more in this relationship because, compromising is the key that could determine whether you will get back together with your ex or not.

If you don’t have the willingness to compromise, it will be a rough road ahead. However, with a little diplomacy and compromising, you both will be able to say you are certain you want your ex back.

Everyone’s relationship situation is going to be a little different and one article probably won’t answer all of your questions. Or solve all your problems and that’s why T. W. Jackson wrote a book on the subject of getting your ex back.

Like with everything else there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Now if you are in the middle of a break up chances are something went wrong. And there is no shame in getting some help. The shame is in blowing your last chance of getting your relationship back together.

T. Dub’s e-book has helped couples reunite almost every day since it came out regardless of their situation. Are you willing to take the risk on losing your ex by trying to figure this out on your own when there is already a proven system that really works?

Short Video From T. W. Jackson

Short Video From T. W. Jackson

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