Marriage Masks

Marriage Masks

What’s up with all these marriage masks? I’m not talking about African carved out of wood for ceremonies type thing no, I’m talking about the masks married people try to wear to deceive their mates.

The problem with masks is they tend to block some of our own vision. As a kid if you went trick or treating you can probably relate to that. Usually our parents went with us so we wouldn’t step out into traffic.

As adults we still tend to try to wear masks of sorts and a better word for it would be persona. The big question is why? What are we trying to hide? It’s understandable as a kid trick or treating to let a neighbor have a little fun guessing who we are but, marriage is not a game!

Are we afraid our mate won’t give us the candy if we expose our true face? One thing about it is if we are hiding something we may get away with it for a while but, it has a way of coming to light sooner or later.

Well, that is unless our mate is hiding something too and then all that does is buy us some time. No, marriage masks just don’t work! A marriage partner is supposed to be our best friend someone we can trust with our life, someone we share our deepest secrets with.

In fact someone that we would be willing to die for or at least take a bullet for them if necessary. If we’ve never felt that way about our mate then we’ve never really made a heart felt commitment to them yet.

We all wear masks of some kind; they’ve been around for centuries. Jezebel painted her face to entice men. My guess she must have looked like Meme or Tammy Fay. Yuck. If the barn needs painted then paint it but, it doesn’t have to look like a clown face when you’re done. Sometimes less is actually more.

(Oh, bye the way, that wasn’t meant for you it, was just in case someone was reading over your shoulder or something 😉 And if that’s the case don’t turn around or laugh and try to block that smack on the back of your head.  Ouch! LOL

Okay, let’s get serious about this marriage mask stuff, if you are done fooling around now. Just kidding I’m really an instigator by nature.

Actually there are several reasons to wear a mask. Warriors would paint their faces to intimidate their adversary trying to scare them into giving up before the battle started. And then you have clowns, geisha girls, trick or treaters, court jesters and actors.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! Let’s look at Hollywood actors, politicians and sports pros or anyone in the lime light for that matter. Most of them wear a mask or persona if you will to do their job.

After a while it just becomes a second nature to them and also gets them in trouble at home too!

One thing they all have in common is they are trying and in some cases succeeding in convincing others of what they are seeing is real. But, the one wearing the mask is usually in it for their own personal gain.

No, no, no a thousand times no! Masks in marriage are only a temporary fix. You can’t live with someone for very long and expect them not to see through it. And when they do as Mr. T used to say “pity the fool!”

The proverbial excrement will hit the fan! And the biggest problem is it will blow right back in your face, now how’s that for a marriage mask? Not what you planed huh?

Most people love a little kidding around but, no one likes to be deceived especially from their marriage partner! Trust may be given freely at first but, once it’s broken it’s really tough to regain.

You’ll just have to trust me on this one or experience it for yourself because, I’ve gotten the e-mails after the marriage masks came off and then they figured out they wanted to keep their mate.

Oh brother, believe me you don’t want to go there! Open and honest communication is so much better and easier then trying to deceive your mate! If you have anything to hide just admit it and get it over with. If your mate has to pull your marriage mask off for themselves you will be sorry.

If you decide you really want to stay with them and not give up on your marriage they will have you crying like a little girl in a new pink dress with a mustard stain on it.

You can’t believe the fiery hoops you’ll have to jump through to regain that trust again! And we won’t even talk about the obstacle courses and the mazes you will be put through to prove yourself trust worthy again. And women can be as vicious as men once they’ve been deceived.

Any kind of marriage masks are just deception which leads to distrust, dissatisfaction, disagreements, dysfunctional relationship and possibly a divorce. Now if that’s what you’re going for have at it but, why would you be reading this if you were?

There can only be three reasons you are here right now. Perhaps it’s just curiosity, some new issue has come up in your relationship or you’re just tired of dealing with the same old problems.

Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do, when all you need is a little help. And when it comes to relationships we can all use some every now and again.

The good news is you’re on the right track. You’ve taken enough steps to find this site and hopefully some of the answers you were looking for. Now, if you’re ready to go on to the next step and solve the rest of the issues in your marriage and get rid of all the marriage masks whether you have been wearing one or your mate has.

You are only a click away from Mort’s marriage fitness program that can help you with that. It’s time to come clean, stop playing games and remove any marriage masks now.

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