My Husband Feels Bad About Himself so He Won’t Love Me

My Husband Feels Bad About

Himself so He Won’t Love Me

Well, actually what she typed in was “husband feels bad about himself so he won‘t love me.” And there can be several reasons for that but, we’ll just address a couple with this blog post.

Maybe this will help your relationship. Now there are other issues to consider too however, they would take a whole chapter of a book or maybe even a whole book to cover them though.

I know already I tend to get long winded with my articles. And folks still read them for what ever reason. My guess is they are looking for some answers for their particular problem. And they keep coming back and spending an hour + at a time.

Now, I have no way of knowing any of my visitors or even what they’re looking for here.

Unless they leave a comment, their name and e-mail address and even then I have no clue where they live unless they tell me.

However, when someone types into Google “husband feels bad about himself so, he won’t love me” and they end up on this site where I don’t recall addressing this problem before. They probably went away without the answer they were looking for. The only saving grace is my readers do tend to come back for more.

Okay, I’ll take the blame and even go as far as trying to correct my mistake for not answering this issue before hand. If you’ll cut me a little slack because, there are only so many hours in a day and there is no way I can know all my readers issues unless you tell me.

So, please speak up, leave me a comment and tell me what’s on your mind. I don’t have all the answers but, I can suggest to you someone that does for your particular problem in your relationship.

If you don’t know me by now then you haven’t spent much time here. And my hat is off to you for that. With my weird since or humor I have days I can barely put up with myself. Seems I take one foot out of my mouth just to replace it with the other at times.

Oh, there I go again I tend to get on rabbit trails and just maybe this time it’s because; this can be a touchy subject. Like my husband feels bad about himself so he won’t love me, that’s a bit of a personal subject to say the least.

Well, just from an outsider’s point of view and not trying to throw any blame here, could it be that he is not feeling appreciated or respected by this lady, his best friend?

Or could it be he’s not feeling good about himself because, he can’t satisfy his wife because he’s a premature ejaculator. That would be enough to make any guy NOT feel good about himself!

Ladies if this has ever happened to your guy, well you would know it if it did. And it does happen to a lot of guys every once in awhile. It can be brought on for different reasons. The problem is when it happens to a guy he starts beating himself up over it.

And most guys are just to proud to admit it or ask for help. Most of their friends don’t have that problem or wouldn’t admit it if they did and couldn’t give them any helpful advice. And their friends would just look down on them for admitting it anyway.

His doctor may be able to help him but, most guys won’t even stop to ask for directions when they’re on a road trip and lost. I know it’s a guy thing but, that’s how we are. We just have a problem admitting when we don’t know something that should come natural to us.

It makes them feel like less than a man and most guys with that problem would avoid making love rather then admitting they can’t satisfy their wife or girlfriend. It’s not that they don’t still love their mate it’s just that they flat out don’t know how to solve their problem without being embarrassed admitting they have one.

Now, if you are like the lady that typed in my husband feels bad about himself so he won’t love me and you aren’t doing anything to make him feel that way then he just needs your help. There is an e-book you can down load right now for him that he could read to solve his problem.

It’s not like he doesn’t know he has a problem and he really wants the answers to solve it. Since you are close to him he would listen to you probably better than me if you told him he should read this.

I didn’t write it myself so, it will cost a few bucks to get. The big question is how much is your sex life worth to you? Or maybe you just want to trade him off for someone else that can satisfy you. But, the next guy may have the same problem and once you get to know him you’ll find out you traded a Cadillac for a Junker.

I think NOT, you love your guy and want to make him feel like a man again and to have him feeling good about himself or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

The bottom line is a lot of guys are just too proud to even admit they even have a problem like this. And would rather break up with their mate or get a divorce than admitting the problem is all theirs.

The reason why your husband is feeling bad about himself and won’t love you is because, he just don’t know where to get help. And since you’re a woman what could you possibly know about his problem?

The truth is you’ll probably learn a lot from this e-book too. But, give him some time and space to let him read it for himself.  If he has a problem with premature ejaculation now he’ll love you for helping him find the answers he’s been looking for.

Husband doesn’t feel like a real person anymore,

Husband doesn‘t love me anymore,

Why won’t my husband compliment me?

Why does it feel like my husband doesn’t love me?

Reasons your husband won’t have nothing to do with his wife?

What kills a marriage?

This is a list of other keywords that women have typed into Google and found this site this month. And just possibly their husbands could be suffering from premature ejaculation also. Oh, sure there could be a lot of other reason for these symptoms too.

Only Google and God knows where these ladies ended up on this site. And I hope they found the answers they were looking for. Since I never really thought about this issue before until now after checking my web stats and finding what people are typing in. I may have done them an injustice by not addressing this problem.

Okay being a guy myself I can see how having that problem could be embarrassing when you feel like you have nowhere to turn to get the answers to solve it. And from a woman’s point of view it would be like having a bad hair day. She doesn’t want to go out in public or even talk about it until the problem is solved.

There are just some things you don’t even want your best friend to know about. However, if you are his wife his problem is your problem. Isn’t it?  The good news is this problem can be fixed once he knows a few secrets.

I call them secrets because; apparently he doesn’t know them yet. Now, that doesn’t make him a bad guy or even stupid for that matter he just flat out doesn’t know at this point.

However, a secret is only a secret until you know it! It could be compared to a magic trick once you know how to do it right then its fun to entertain others with, in this case his mate.  Oh. My goodness this is getting to be a pretty long article. But, not as long as your future love making sessions could be once he has this information.

Actually your husband may not even have a problem with premature ejaculation but, have you ever wished he could last 5, 10, or 15 minutes longer? He would be feeling good about himself then! And you won’t ever be saying my husband feels bad about himself and won’t love me anymore! Check it out here!


  1. Posted September 19, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    It was interesting to read because some things are really common in my relationship and as you mentioned in very beginning that it could help someone then I can thank you because I think this was very useful for me.

  2. admin
    Posted September 20, 2010 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    Glad to be some kind of help to you Lisa. That problem can be devastating to a guy. No man wants to feel inadequate especially when it comes to sex.
    Thanks for leaving a comment. 1 in about 1,500 people will take their time to do so.
    That makes you special to me! Don’t be a stranger.
    I wish you the BEST!

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