Can My Husband Ever Love Me Again?

Can My Husband Ever Love Me Again?

I can feel your pain if you have to ask, “Can my husband ever love me again”? I deal with these kinds of questions every day with this blog and it just depends on what’s been going on with you. You didn’t get the feeling that my husband doesn’t love me anymore over night so something had to have changed in your relationship over time.

However, I’ve never ever even heard of a guy leaving his wife when she shows him respect, appreciation, admiration and gives him sex! I know I’ve said this before in other articles and it’s still true in this one too.

It may seem like I’m repeating myself and that’s only because I am. And I would apologize for it but, I’m not sorry one little bit! Some folks learn better from video or audio and others from reading and repetition. Since I don’t do video or audio right now. I’ll just have to stick with the repetition to get the point across.

In all fairness to you I have the face for radio and a voice for silent movies so; actually I’m doing you a big favor here. And you can thank me later if I can answer your question of can my husband ever love me again.

I got an e-mail from a gal a while back, we’ll just call her Beth (not her real name) but, it will do for this purpose. Beth was feeling bad because, she had cheated on her husband and he left her. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20 and she knew she made a BIG mistake.

The affair only lasted for a time or two however, the damage was already done! Beth’s husband felt like she had ripped out his heart and stomped on it. He thought he could trust her to be faithful to him and she abused his trust. His heart and world was totally crushed so, he moved out.

Now that’s when Beth realized she really had a marriage mess on her hands and wondered if her husband could ever love her again. Over coming adultery can be one of the hardest things a couple could ever go through however, if they can get past it, their relationship usually ends up closer then before.

Don’t think for one minute that I’m recommending having an affair to get you closer by any means because; some marriages just won’t survive that big of a trauma. Besides there is a better way and a lot less painful for everybody.

Infidelity is just plain cruel on your partner. They would rather take a beating for you than one like that from you. And then all your friends, business associates, and family start to wonder about your trust worthiness also.

When someone could treat their mate that’s supposed to be their best friend like that what are you going to do behind their backs too? Trust can be given freely at first but, once it’s broken it’s awfully hard to regain.

Well, to make a long story short, which is almost impossible for me. To answer Beth’s question of can my husband ever love me again? It turns out to be a definite YES!  They are back2gether now only because she could follow good advice.

One of the things I told her was to cut off all communication with the guy from the affair and be open and honest with her husband. That’s the only way she was ever going to regain his trust.

Just let me warn you if you’re thinking about having an affair don’t do it! At least not if you want to keep your mate and not be drug through hell in the process. You see the truth never changes but, lies keep changing all the time.

This is how it works in a lot of cases! The one that was cheated on wants to know that they can trust you again so; they will tend to play like a police detective and have you confess to your crime. In this case every minute detail of the affair.

When it’s all over, which it sometimes takes weeks of drilling, you’ll feel like a peg board. And if all your answers don’t line up with each other like the holes in a peg board you won’t have regained their trust still.

In Beth’s case she endured the interrogations and apparently passed with flying colors. Having an affair may sound like fun but, when you have to admit every little detail to your mate that has to be embarrassing, humiliating and down right self degrading.

In reality I admire them both for sticking it out and going through the thick and thin of that ordeal. However, all that entire pain and heart ache could have been avoided if they would have just communicated openly and honestly all along.

There are numerous reasons why a wife would ask can my husband ever love me again. Maybe there was infidelity or an argument and caused a break up. And you’re not ready to call it quits just yet.

I can appreciate that because, most women are loyal to their husbands as long as their main desires are being met. And men are pretty much the same too. However, both of your desires are a little different.

And most of the marriage problems stems from those differences. Or better yet, the lack of understanding them. So, what tends to happen is someone feels used, abused or mistreated.

They’ll hold it in until they can’t anymore. Then an argument starts and the emotions kick in and often times the blame game comes into play. Nothing actually gets solved except creating more hard feelings.

If that happens enough the door to infidelity opens up. And all because of a lack of understanding.

Do you know where misunderstandings come from? They come from an inability to communicate what one person is trying to say so, it can be comprehended by another. Okay, in other words.

Sometimes you have to rephrase your point to get it across. And it helps when you speak in their language. The problem is with a lot of couples is the language barrier.

If you would like to get your husband back and remove the barriers that separated you in the first place. Then there is a proven method that worked for hundreds of couples around the world.

It’s a step by step system explaining how to do each step. And why to do the steps in order. If you’ll take action and follow the steps you’ll have your answer to can my husband ever love me again.

If you’re not split up and you want to fire him up in the romance department. You can have him thinking about you all day long in anticipation with the right words.


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