How to Save My Marriage

How to Save My Marriage

How to save my marriage is an easy five word question to ask however, it could take thousands of words to answer depending on what’s been going on in your relationship.

This won’t take that many words to answer because it can all be summed up by just saying “make some changes”. How to make those changes may end up being quite lengthy though.

Do you remember how this journey started out and what enticed you to jump into your marriage head first with your eyes wide open? If not, there is one of the changes you need to make.

When your marriage goes a bit sour try sweetening it back up with your fond memories of the beginning. Sit down with your partner and set your differences aside for awhile and pull out the pictures you’ve taken together.

And look at some of your old photos or videos when love was still young and recapture the feelings you had back then. Remember the places you went, the things you’ve done, the laughs you had together and the admiration and appreciation you had for each other.

The Road to a Successful Marriage Has U Turns

Sometimes a little back tracking down the old memory lane is a good way to get a relationship on the right road again. If you want to know how to save my marriage the beginning is a good place to start.

Looking back you were both single traveling down your own separate paths until they crossed and you ran into each other. For some reason you thought it was a good idea to form a partnership and take this journey together.

Just because your paths crossed, you had a few things in common and they were cute doesn’t mean you were heading in the same direction or even at the same speed for that matter. But, you made a commitment to travel with them anyway.

This marriage road we travel is not always smooth as glass. At times it has its share of twists, turns and bumps that require us to slow down to wait for our partner and compromises at every corner.

There are a lot of up hills and down hills that takes a toll on the partnership. It’s full of frustrations, aggravations, and negative situations when the road narrows and gets rough. However, with patience, commitment to your marriage and a good attitude it could be turned into an excellent time to make your bond even stronger.

The thing to keep in mind is it’s not the destination you’re going for; it’s really about nurturing your marriage to make the journey better for you both and sharing it with your partner. After all we only live this life once and the journey seems to come to an end way to soon to let your relationship end up stuck in a ditch.

You’re Not Too Poor to Pay Attention

One of the reasons your spouse married you was for companionship. They wanted someone that would always be there for them to share the good times and the bad. Someone to confide in when it seems like the rest of world was beating up on them.

Do you go out of your way to be that special companion for them? Their best friend they can express their feelings and tell anything to and not be too quick to judge them over it. Do you try regularly to keep the lines of communication open between you two?

If you can’t say yes to those things then you’re not giving them the right kind of attention they need. So, there’s another change you could make if you want to save your marriage. After all you didn’t marry a dog you can control. People want to be understood for who they are.

Okay, some of us are admittedly rotten pukes but, there’s not a one of us that doesn’t need a little understanding and possibly some correction from time to time. However, correction can be done without being mean, cruel or judgmental.

A good argument from time to time can actually be good for your relationship. As long as it’s not an every day occurrence and you set some ground rules a head of time. It’s a good way to settle your differences and start over again from there.

If you really want to rescue your marriage actions speak louder than words. So, show them you still love, respect, admire and appreciate them. And your commitment to them is still strong however, it never hurts to tell them either.

Depending on how bad your marriage is don’t expect them to reciprocate right away. This could take some time before they do so, be patient and don’t give up on them too quick.

If you need some more free help speeding this process along my friend Mort can help you out. He’ll show you how you can stop a divorce, how to avoid separation or how to put your marriage back together if you are separated.

In most cases it’s not too late and it’s not as hard as you might think either. Now, I don’t expect you to take my word for it so, here are a few success stories.

Hi Mort,

I just wanted to let you know that my wife has made a complete turn around and is starting to not only work on our marriage but really make some amazing changes.

Thank you for all your help and insight. If it was not for you helping me through this and teaching me how to be the husband that me wife deserves then I may have never been able to bring her back to this marriage and our family. She made her choice, and because of Marriage Fitness and your program, she chose me!

Keep up the good work and keep saving marriages.

Thanks again.


Dear Mort,

I was in your October program as a lone ranger. Thanks to following your advice my husband moved back home mid-December. We are now doing the program again but this time TOGETHER. He says he is totally committed to our marriage and making it work.

Thanks for your help.

– Patty

Dear Mort,

We just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. My wife and I have been together for 7 years, spent the past 4 years in constant turmoil, and the past 2 years with 3 different marriage counselors. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, only to watch it plummet faster.

I found your website after a tremendous argument during which she and I both agreed that it was over and we were wasting our time. I have been married twice and she has been married 4 times, so failed relationships are nothing new to us. Somehow, practice doesn’t make it any easier.

You were able to accomplish in 1 1/2 hrs what 3 marriage counselors failed to do in 2 years. Your assessments made us realize that maybe it wasn’t ALL “their” fault after all, and your straight-forward but gentle approach in the tele-conferences lit the path to a recovery that we didn’t think was possible.

There is no way that we can begin to express to you all that you have done for us, so we will only tell you “thank you”. We will continue to tell friends and family in relationship trouble about your programs.
– Jack and Gail L.

Hi Mort,

I’m happy to give you a testimonial because this has been a life-changing experience for me. Before taking your course our marriage was over. I have been married four times and really wanted this to work, but the light at the end of the tunnel had long since gone out. We decided that we were done and divorce was the only answer. Then my husband came across your program and signed up without telling me. He then started talking about the program and got one of your CD’s that I listened to half-heartedly. When the program began I listened to your first seminar and was so blown away by what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe all the things that I could relate to and how they were being depicted. We had spent thousand of dollars on counseling, working out nothing through each session. Only to leave angrier and angrier. But at the end of your seven weeks, I have never loved my husband more and know that we are going to work through these things and stay on the track that we were always meant to be on. I know that we will continue to work at keeping our relationship fresh because we are worth it. Your inspiration with the material provided has been a serious God send to both of us. I thank you profusely for having the desire to help those that can’t seem to help themselves and will continue to reference your materials in order to keep our relationship in tune as we grow together. I can’t say thank you enough!


Click the link if this sounds like you: I’ve tried all I know to do, my spouse won’t go to counseling with me. I’m so frustrated and ready to find out how to save my marriage.

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