Easy Way to Run a Boyfriend Off

Easy Way to Run a Boyfriend Off

One easy way to run a boyfriend off is to be too needy. All you have to do is keep calling or texting him all the time and don’t let him have any friends of his own. Insist any free time he has belongs to you, after all you are his girl friend now.

Who needs friends when you’re his girlfriend anyway? Either beg or cry to get your way and anytime you don’t, try to put a guilt trip on him. When he is with you keep talking to him constantly and don’t let him leave your sight.

Just a little side note here: These work for husbands too!

The second easy way to run a boyfriend off is to belittle him in front of any body you can. Make him the butt of all your jokes at parties. Write down any time he makes a mistake to use as ammunition against him.

Treat him like he’s stupid and has no feelings. You could even go so far as to order him around like a hunting dog and call him boy. Whatever you do don’t show him any respect because, he might decide to hang around a little longer.

Now, if those didn’t work, try this easy way to run a boyfriend off.  Be demanding; make him watch the TV shows you want to watch. He doesn’t need to be out with his friends and watch football when there’s a tear jerking chick flick on.

On the weekends when he’s not working, instead of playing golf or fishing with his buddies, insist he goes shopping with you and your girl friends. Somebody has to carry all the bags and buy lunch. And it may as well be your soon to be ex boyfriend.

Another easy way to run a boyfriend off would be to make him feel inadequate. And this one’s pretty simple to do. Remind him any chance you get how far he is from being perfect and point out all his flaws.

Have him do some sort of manly handy man projects. Something he’s never done before or even had any training for. And encourage him until he tries.

When it doesn’t turn out like it should have, tell him your old boyfriend could have done it right the first time. And at a fraction of the cost it’ll take to fix it now. Then start with all the, you could have done this and you should have done that until he just walks away.

Well he should be gone by now but, just in case he’s not, I’ll give you another easy way to run a boyfriend off. Don’t show him any appreciation or very little if you have to. No matter what he does for you don’t say thank you.

No matter what he’s done, it could have been done better. Tell him it’s not good enough or soon enough. Or he could have done more of it so, it’s not near enough. Instead of saying thank you and trying to return the favor just complain about everything.

Any one of these five, easy ways to run a boyfriend off could do the job by its self. However, if being needy, demanding and ungrateful with belittling him and making him feel inadequate still didn’t do the job, try a bit of nagging.

Yep, that aught to do the trick! Just sit around all day doing nothing except watching TV, eating bonbons, getting fat and nag him about doing the house work or anything else you can think of.

In fact these easy ways to run a boyfriend off are so simple that a lot of gals use them and don’t realize what they’re even doing. Then after the fact when he’s gone they’re wondering why he left and want him back.

If you’ve spent any time on this site then you know I’m being facetious. And I’m all into saving relationships whenever possible. I was just trying to drive home a point here.

Listen sister, if you’ve been doing any or all these easy ways to run your boyfriend off, unknowingly and now he’s gone and you want him back, you might need a little help with that.

Do you know the difference between men and women when it comes to relationships?  Are you ready for the answer? Most women know what they want but, just don’t know how to get it. Most men don’t know what they want but, they know what they don’t want and will figure out a way to avoid it even if it means walking away from a relationship.

The goal here was to write an eye opening blog post for women and not a book. After all there’s no point when Kara Oh has already written it so, women can easily understand.

It was written for women by a woman and she really knows what she’s talking about after 2 years of surveys with men and all the research she’s compiled.

She explains in her book “Men Made Easy” what men really want and most of them don’t even know because; they never took the time to think about it. When she asked them they agreed. Yes, that’s what I really want!

How in this world is a woman supposed to know what men want when they don’t even know themselves?  That’s why most women will never figure it out either. They’ll go from one relationship to another and take the easy way to run a boyfriend off unknowingly.

If that’s your situation and a Mr. Right has already got away. There is still hope because; Kara shows you how to use this relationship saving knowledge to your advantage. If he’s married now then just chalk it up to a learning experience.

Either way if he’s still available or not you won’t make the same mistake again by using the easy way to run a boyfriend off. No, this information will put you head and shoulders above most women even if they happen to be cuter than you.

Men do like cute but, they like this even more! They don’t even know it until they see it though. Teenage girls practice this and some women also however, most of them fall into complacency and never get it perfected enough to keep a lasting relationship.

That’s what most women want isn’t it? Someone they can call their own and not have to worry about another woman taking him. Well, that’s what Kara shows you how to do. You’ll be that one in a million gal and won’t have to be concerned about any other woman coming along trying to take your place.

Kara calls it “Feminine Grace”. Most women just don’t have a clue about it. Which means if you do your guy will only have eyes for you no matter how young or cute the other woman is. He wouldn’t leave you for anything!

Okay, this is getting a tad bit long so, let me be up front and honest with you and just say this is like anything else. There is always a give and take to make a good trade. Your advantage is being a woman. You know what you want and with feminine grace he will give it to you and more if it’s within his means.

If you’re finished with an easy way to run a boyfriend or husband off then you need to get “Men Made Easy“. You’ll see your relationship improve or get your ex back when you use the unfair advantage of tapping into your hidden power within you and start practicing feminine grace.

P.S. This works on men young and old. Dog gone it, we are so predictable. If you’ve got a few minutes check out Kara’s short videos and she’ll explain it a little more how this works, at Men Made Easy.

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