Frustrated Women

Frustrated Women

Ladies, just by what some of you have typed in to find this site tells me there has to be a lot of frustrated women out there. And this frustration all revolves around wanting your husband or boyfriend to change.

Here’s a small sample of them:

How to deal with a man who doesn’t love himself?

I feel like my husband doesn’t love me anymore for no reason.

I’m feeling bad about my stubborn husband.

I feel like my husband’s mother instead of his wife.

How can I make my husband feel good about him self so he won’t seek approval from other women?

My husband won’t call me by my name.

Reasons I feel like I don’t love me.

My husband doesn’t like me anymore.

Is it just me or can you see that these frustrated ladies have legitimate issues here? The sad part about it is most of their troubles could have been avoided. Now, don’t get me wrong. They didn’t do it on purpose; they just don’t understand men is all.

The problem is they don’t teach the differences between men and women in grade school, high school or even college for that matter. I’ve counseled a professor that didn’t know this stuff when I spent more time on Yahoo answers in marriage and divorce questions.

Normally one size won’t fit all but, for these frustrated gals one answer will solve their problems. And Kara Oh in her book “Men Made Easy” calls it feminine grace. It’s a quality that can be developed once understood.

It all boils down to the power of influence that women can have over men. And when used in the right way a man will be most agreeable. He’ll love himself, make you feel loved, won’t be so stubborn and make you feel like his wife again instead of his mother.

He won’t need approval from any other woman; he’ll call you by name, treat you like a queen and give you a reason to love yourself again. With feminine grace you won’t have to worry about joining the ranks with all those other frustrated females.

Most women have used this type of personal magnetism at one time or another but; it works best when you make it a life style and are consistent with it. To be honest with you it’s almost a covert tactic. Men won’t realize what you’re doing but they’ll love it.

This means it’s going to take a little self control and discipline on your part at first. And once you start seeing the results you’ll achieve from using this alternative action it becomes much easier. Another benefit you’ll notice is his improved attitude toward you and the stability it will add to your relationship. In fact you may have to shoot him at least twice to get him to leave you. And even then, if you didn’t kill him he still may come back for more.

You’ve heard the old saying “behind every successful man is a wise woman”. She understands her husband uses her as a mirror to see himself in. And when he doesn’t like what he sees through her, she becomes  frustrated by his actions.

Listen sister if you don’t get anything else out of this article take this with you. You have with in yourself the ability to control the tone of your relationship. So, you set the pace to have harmony or discord. And it’s really up to you.

Women have tried all the whining, nagging, crying, bitching, moaning and whatever to get their husbands to change. And that’s really all for naught because it’s temporary at best and he usually just gets more stubborn and obstinate in the long run.

In other words that approach just simply doesn’t work on men. He’ll start treating you like his mother but, without the respect. No, there’s a much easier way that will make both of your lives a win/win situation. He’ll get what he craves and you’ll get what you want.

At 52 years old I’ve only seen about a dozen women understand and use their feminine grace consistently. It’s such a rarity these days and men are drawn to it like bears to honey. However, I’ve seen thousands of frustrated women that never figured it out on their own.

It’s no wonder the divorce rate is as high as it is now days. I’ve hinted at this subject several times on this blog but, just never had a good name to call it like feminine grace. And just maybe my writing skills need a bit more work to get this point across.

However, there is no sense in trying to reinvent the wheel when Kara already wrote the book on this subject. She explains feminine grace so much better than I ever could in a way women can understand it.

Personally I hope for your sake and your husband or boyfriend’s sake you already know this stuff. But, since you’re here reading I’ll just have to assume you don’t. So, let me give you “the ultimate frustrated female test” and just see.

Who do you spend more time talking to? #1 Family and girlfriends or #2 your mate.

When you do talk to others about your mate is it, #1 complaining about him or #2 bragging about him?

When talking with your mate does he #1 ignore you or #2 hang on every word?

After talking with your mate and he walks away what do you think he feels more like a, #1 Zero or #2 Hero?

If at least three of your answers weren’t a #2 then you are a frustrated female.

Do you know who likes to hang out with frustrated women? Only other frustrated females!  And that’s only because misery loves company. Oh, yeah and maybe some turkey of a guy that sees you are venerable enough to let him try to hit on you.

But it won’t last because you’ll just get frustrated with him too. And in the process ruin the relationship you’re in already. Now, what you do is your own business but, hanging with other frustrated women or new boyfriends is not a solution to your problem now.

Listen sister, I know you’re a wonderful woman and your husband or boyfriend does too or they would have been long gone by now.

You might not have it in you to rule the whole world but believe me you have all it takes to rule your world! Or at least make it to suit you. Here’s one thing you have to understand about men and that is, we are all still boys at heart.

We may be living in adult bodies, have bigger toys and more responsibilities but, we’re the same little boys on the inside and our motivation is still pretty much the same. The secret is in the knowledge of what’s really behind your guy’s motivation and using it to your advantage.

Can you imagine the advantages you could gain if you just understood your man, better than he understands himself? And how knowing what strategies to use to get the response that you want from him could be beneficial to you. Women who practice this skill would tell you, It’s like playing cards with the deck stacked in your favor.

The funny thing is most of us men don’t even know ourselves! We never took the time to think about what we really want or like. We’re more like cavemen and just figured out what we don’t like and will do anything to avoid it. Even if it means running away.

Kara can give you much better insights on men in her “Men Made Easy” book and show you how to use your own feminine grace to get what you really want. So you won’t be numbered among all those other frustrated women.

Another benefit of feminine grace is it works on any man at any age not just husbands and boyfriends. Yes even sons, brothers, co-workers, bosses, or any other guy you have contact with. Thinking about a new job? The understanding of feminine grace can put you at the head of the line in front of all the other frustrated women applying for it too.

Before you leave this article I have a confession to make. If you do decide to click the link and get Kara’s book it won’t solve all of your relationship problems. However, if you’ll incorporate feminine grace into your life style you won’t have to worry about any other women taking your man.

And it will help your minimize the rest of your problems to be more manageable and not so over whelming. So, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration from now on by checking out a copy of Men Made Easy.

One final note: All of life revolves around relationships and chances are about 50% of the people you deal with on a daily bases are male. The point is you’re making your life harder than it has to be and cheating yourself by not using this power within you, called feminine grace to your advantage.

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    Chris: Hey Mavis, I don’t answer questions like this in the comments section because it adds no value to my readers. I’ll be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability if you send me an e-mail at

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