Why Wives Should Journal

Why Wives Should Journal

Why wives should journal is because we live in a negative world these days. When reading a newspaper or watching the evening news the majority of it is negative. The sitcoms are about poking fun of men making mistakes or just being stupid.

Now, we all know some women never forget anything their husbands ever do to hurt their feelings. And they love to complain about it. However, they do tend to forget the little things he does to make them feel special.

Men don’t mind being committed to a relationship; they just don’t want to be controlled. That’s why they chose to live with you and not live with their mothers anymore.

Women type in all the time to find this blog with words like; he treats me like his mother. And all I got to say to them is; do you act like his mother? He didn’t marry you to be treated like your son that needs to be corrected all the time.

Well, I’ll agree with you this far sister, us guys do stupid things and need corrected every once in a while but, as a grown man when we’re corrected all the time, we would rather be single than being scolded by our wives.

A female boss or mother we have to put up with but, not from a wife! And that’s why wives should journal not only to figure us out and be able to understand how we think but, to keep track of what works to get the action you want from your husband. And what to do different when something doesn’t work.

It’s not that we do more bad than good; it is because it’s just easier to remember the bad in this negative world we live in. However, if you write down the things your husband does to make you feel good it’ll help cancel out some of the negative that you remember.

If you thought you were marring prince charming you were living in a fantasy land at the time and wanting a storybook marriage. And that’s all the more reason why wives should journal. To stay grounded in reality.

Okay, I can just here you now sister. You’re saying why should wives journal? Especially if we’re married to a jerk. Well, if you think like that you probably are. However, he wasn’t that way before you married him or you simply would have walked away. Right?

And on the same token you didn’t jump into your marriage with your eyes closed either! You got married because you love this man and he made you feel good about yourself.

And on the other hand you made him feel good about himself too or he wouldn’t have asked you to marry him. My question to you is; “what’s changed”? Because guys aren’t known for changing too much.

Our hair style changes when we start losing it, our clothes style changes when we can’t buy them anymore. In other words we only change because we have to. Guys aren’t concerned about the latest fashion, most of us just go for comfort.

Sorry, not trying to get off the subject of why wives should journal but, just trying to give you a bit more understanding of where men are coming from with their thinking on change. To a guy change is what he carries around in his pocket and fears that’s what his wife wants to do to him.

Oh sure, we do change over time with the right encouragement. Actually we’re rather simple yet stubborn creatures. We’ll make a change willingly if we can see a benefit in it. But, not change just for the sake of a change because we’re bored.

Women on the other hand love change. They’ll change their hair color or style just on the advice of another woman or hair dresser. And whatever the latest fashion is you can count them in. They want to look and more importantly feel their best.

And that’s a good reason why wives should journal. So they can write down the times when they’re feeling their best. More importantly why and how they got that feeling. Was it because you did make some kind of change and your husband complimented you for it?

Maybe he got you a dozen roses for no apparent reason or he took you out to your favorite restaurant. It could be he came home early and made you dinner before you got home or something even simpler like him picking up his dirty clothes off the floor.

Whatever reason is a good reason to write in your journal unless it’s something negative about your husband. I knew a woman that never kept a journal until she was married 22 years and then only wrote about the negative things her husband had done since they were married.

Needless to say that was the down fall of that marriage! Their marriage only lasted one more year because she got focused on all the negative things. No man can apologize enough to compensate for her years of hard feelings.

What really started this blog post about why wives should journal is, I’ve been rereading “Men Made Easy“. The story version (not the plain one), anyway, it’s about an older lady with a great marriage explaining why men act like they do to these three frustrated women.

Diedra, the older lady, tells Carol, Jenny and Beth about the twelve secrets to understanding men that most women just don’t realize. And changes their relationships with men for the better. Diedra also recommended they start a journal to track their improvements.

It would be unrealistic to journal about your life and not have a few negative things in it. So, you’re bound to have some however, when you write about a negative situation also write about how you handled it to turn it into a positive outcome.

Journaling may sound like a big hassle however; there are a few advantages for taking the time that could make it all worth the while. It gives a wife a place to vent her frustrations about her husband with out making him look bad to family members or friends.

A journal shouldn’t just be for problems. It’s a good place to write down hopes, dreams and goals also. Once something is written down and can be read and reread then the human mind starts looking at it from different angles to find solutions to the problems and ways to achieve goals.

Here’s a little secret I’m sure some journaling wives have figured out on their own. Most men want to please their wife. So, they may write something like:

“I love John so much and I wish I could get him to understand how much it would mean to me if he would put his dirty clothes in the basket. It would be a happy day for me if he would start doing that. Because it would save me so much time and aggravation.”

And then they just happen to leave their journal open to that page in some inconspicuous place but still in view where John can see it. Once his curiosity gets the best of him and he reads it, he sees a way to make brownie points, problem solved. It can work for gift ideas too!

The funny thing about secrets is it’s only a mystery until you know it, then it’s not a secret anymore to you. And the secret about change is doing something different not just knowing it.

It’s just like a book on a bookshelf collecting dust it’s worthless to you unless you read it. Action is the key to unlocking new doors and solving problems. And the proper action is getting more understanding of the real issues before you try to solve it.

Have you ever wondered like these women?

Sue asks, “why do men feel like they have to be in control”?

And why do men feel like they have to be the answer man or a Mr. Know-It-All?

Amber says, “We used to have peace in our home, how can we get rid of all the conflict to get it back”?

Dawn wants to know, “What gives an average looking gal magnetism enough to have men swarming around her at a party when just a few feet away a model type gal gets ignored”?

Sandy asked, “What makes a man so stubborn and uncooperative with the woman he loves”?

Cheryl wonders, “Why does my husband gawk at other women at a restaurant when I’m sitting right across the table from him and he already knows I don’t like it when he does that”?

Dianne says, “My boyfriend dumped me after having sex with him a few times, is there something wrong with me”?

Linda asked, “How do you get a man to open up and come out of his shell and really say how he feels”?

Here’s one similar from Angie, “How come I can talk to my girlfriends all day long but, it’s hard to even get a sentence out of my husband”?

Beth says, “I know I’m not all that and a ham sandwich but, I’m far from ugly so, how can I get a guy to even notice me”?

Shirley questions, “Why are men so hard to understand for women, were they just born that way”?

Kenlyn say, “We had an argument the other day and my husband just ignores me now, why can’t he just get over it”?

Olivia says, “Why does my husband think he needs to hang out with his friends so much, doesn’t he find me attractive anymore”?

Judy wants to know, “What’s the best way to get a man to change without nagging him”?

Dottie says, “After we got married we don’t seem to get along anymore, what’s his problem anyway”?

Glenna asks, “How do you deal with a guy who hits you”?

I’ll answer that one right here and now. YOU LEAVE HIM! You weren’t born to be a bunching bag sister. You don’t need to get this book to find out that answer. However, if you keep getting into those kind or relationships you really need this book!

Sarah says, “He makes me feel unwanted so, how can I get my husband to love me again”?

Nena wonders, “What’s the one thing all men find attractive about any woman regardless of her shape and size”?

Christy says, “I would love to have his cooperation instead of his aggravation so, how can I get my husband to help around the house”?

Kiley says, “We’ve been dating for years why won’t he ask me to marry him”?

In Kara’s book “Men Made Easy” you’ll find the answers to these questions and much more. It’s like having the master key to open up the door of any mans heart to you.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever put a key in a lock and for some unknown reason it didn’t work? And then tried to force it by jiggling and twisting until the handle broke off in your hand.

Well, I have. Maybe it was because it was the wrong key or the lock was frozen. It tends to happen with locks on cars and mens hearts. And you know a key is useless without a handle on it.

The handle on a key is there to give you understanding and help the key to work. It not only gives you leverage to turn the key but lets you know if it’s the right key for that lock.

What most people don’t realize is the handle has the stops on it. The stops are there to prevent you from jambing the key in too far. The point is without the understanding the handle gives you, you can push it too far. And your key won’t work.

Just by reading the questions above tells me, these gals are trying to use their keys without handles on them. Now, I won’t lie to you and say it can’t be done because it can. But, their lives would be much easier if they would just get a handle on it.

If any of those questions sounds like something you would ask you have a choice. You can keep breaking the rest of your keys and living life the hard way.

Or you can let Kara help you make your own master key for your relationship complete with a handle. Guaranteed to work or you money back.

Lets compare, set of keys without handles useless or one master key priceless.


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