She’s a Lady

She’s a Lady

Do you remember the Tom Jones song “She’s a Lady”? It was a big hit back in the 70’s and for back then the tune was pretty good. Google it if you’ve never heard it. I believe it was the lyrics that made it to #2 on the charts for the guys. Because she is what every man wants!

And the women just loved Tom Jones so much they would throw their room keys and panties at him while he was on the stage. It would be a far stretch of the imagination to say she’s a lady because a real lady can be sexy without being easy or sleazy like that.

Tom really just scratched the surface in his song of what a real lady is and we’ll get into a bit more detail. Let’s go through some of the lyrics and not mention things like the hey, hey, hey, yeah, yeah, yeahs, whoas and his bell bottom pants. He, he. Hey, it was the 70’s after all.

“She’s A Lady”

Well she’s all you’d ever want,
She’s the kind they’d like to flaunt and take to dinner.
Well she always knows her place.
She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner.

Well she’s never in the way
always something nice to say, Oh what a blessing.
I can leave her on her own
knowing she’s okay alone, and there’s no messing.

Well she never asks for very much and I don’t refuse her.
Always treat her with respect, I never would abuse her.
What she’s got is hard to find, and I don’t want to lose her
Help me build a mountain from my little pile of clay.

Well she knows what I’m about,
She can take what I dish out, and that’s not easy,
Well she knows me through and through,
She knows just what to do, and how to please me.

She’s a Lady
and the Lady is mine.

Did you notice in the song that what she looked like was never mentioned once? Could it be that being a Lady is more about inner beauty than outside appearance? There’s an old saying “Beauty is only skin deep but, ugly is to the bone”.

It’s true, guys are visual creatures but, we’re not blind to the fact that outward beauty is wasted on inner ugliness. Because it’s just too hard to live with! Men would rather marry a woman that’s a 4 or 5 with inner beauty than a 10 without it.

Okay let’s dissect Tom Jones song “She’s a Lady” line by line. “Well she’s all you’d ever want”. That’s because she’s got it figured out what a lady really is. It’s the inner beauty or feminine grace that draws men like a moth to a flame.

“She’s the kind they’d like to flaunt and take to dinner”. When guys feel like they have a prize possession they love to show it off. And to have a real lady on his arm is hard to come by so, yeah he wants to be seen with her in public.

“Well she always knows her place”. Now that line doesn’t sound so good if you don’t understand what a real lady is. She is self confident; she doesn’t have to be entertained all the time in other words she’s not needy and has no reason to be jealous.

“She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner”. Style is her confidence showing through how she dresses and carries her self. Grace is her self respect and respect for others. She’s a winner because not all women are ladies but, all ladies are women.

“Well she’s never in the way”. Meaning she’s quick to learn and will jump in to help when she’s needed and do something else when she’s not. She doesn’t have time to take offense for not being needed because she’s always got something else she could be doing.

“Always has something nice to say, Oh what a blessing”. A lady isn’t cruel or thoughtless to others. She wants to be a blessing and make others feel good about their self like she does so; she’ll look for things to appreciate vs. saying something negative.

“I can leave her on her own, knowing she’s okay alone and there’s no messing”. A lady has integrity. When she commits to a man he doesn’t have to worry about infidelity. Her word is her bond and she is above reproach.

“Well she never asks for much and I don’t refuse her”. A lady is pretty much self sufficient and knows how to be happy with what she has for the most part. She is not demanding and realizes with a good attitude, the less she asks for and the more she gives the more she gets.

“Always treat her with respect, I never would abuse her”. That Tom Jones is one smart feller. If he had a lady she would treat him with respect and expect him to do the same for her. And if he ever abused her she would leave out of her own self respect. Ladies are not punching bags or stupid!

“What she’s got is hard to find, and I don’t want to lose her”. That’s an understatement Tom! Guys dream of having a real lady but, very few are born that way. And unless they learn it from an older lady most gals never get the big picture of the advantages being a lady has to offer.

“Help me build a mountain from my little pile of clay”. Behind every great man somewhere there’s a lady building him up. And give him confidence and encouragement so he will achieve his greatness. Lesser men usually have women putting them down.

“Well she knows what I’m about, she can take what I dish out, and that’s not easy”. A lady is an intelligent woman. She already seen her husbands faults before they got married and decided she could live with them and knows how to over look them to get to his good qualities.

“Well she knows me through and through, she knows just what to do and how to please me”. That’s what ladies do. I don’t know if Tom Jones was married to a real lady or not but, Paul Anka the guy that wrote this song must have been or at least known one personally.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know a few women that I could actually say she’s a lady. Some of them are not exactly eye popping gorgeous but, the more you get to know them you find out they have such a sweet spirit and a real pleasure to be around.

I was looking for a topic to write about the other day and a way to put a plug in for Kara Oh’s book “Men Made Easy” without being too salesey. (If that’s even a word but, you get the idea) And made a list of the characteristics I’ve noticed my lady friends have.

Kara calls it Feminine Grace and shows women the benefits of having it and using it daily. To some women it just comes natural and to others, the whys and how’s of it needs to be explained in order for them to grasp hold so they can run with it.

Now you can call it feminine grace, inner beauty, or like Tom Jones says she’s a lady and it all boils down to the same thing. So, here’s my list of lady like characteristics and some of them were already mentioned above. But just to keep them all together I’ll list them here too.

See how many of them you or your friends have. You may have that inner beauty and just never realized it for your self. Oh, but your friends did, I’m sure and that’s why you are so special to them.

Here they are in no particular order, and I’m sure I may miss a few. If you know a lady and think of one I missed leave me a comment so at least it’ll be on the same page.

She’s a Lady when:

She has enough self confidence she doesn’t have to be self centered.

She doesn’t mind being served but, would rather be the one serving.

She’s not cruel or thoughtless of others feelings.

She appreciates the small things as much as the big ones.

She has self control without feeling the need to control others.

She is sexy without being sleazy.

She dresses reasonably modest and tastefully without being flashy. Elegant would describe her.

She has dignity in public but, not afraid to lose hers to help someone else keep theirs.

She is sensitive to others feelings and will go out of her way not to hurt them.

She will suffer a wrong without lashing out.

She has pride but she’s not prideful.

She won’t brag on her self, others do enough of that for her anyway.

She can effectively communicate without being crude and wouldn’t say sh*t if she had a mouth full.

She has a way of turning a bad situation into something better.

She has manners with a touch of class.

She has self respect and shows respect for others even if they don’t deserve it.

She has a sense of humor and will laugh off being the butt of a joke but won’t do it to others.

She knows how to keep other’s confidence when told something in private.

She won’t gossip even if it is true.

She speaks well of others and won’t belittle them.

She owns up to her own mistakes and won’t blame others for them.

She is quick to apologize if she even thinks she‘s done wrong.

She is far from perfect and not to proud to admit her short comings.

She has a positive philosophy on life and a contagiously optimistic attitude.

She has no need of sympathy for her self but is very sympathetic of other’s issues.

She is not verbally judgmental of others and knows how to pull the good of others to the surface and make them feel better about their self.

Her personality is a balance between being an introvert and extrovert but, leans more toward being an extrovert.

She has an intuitive sense of honesty and truthfulness, her integrity is above reproach.

Whatever she does is with enthusiasm.

She is not rude and won’t interrupt others while they’re talking.

She is happy to be there for others when needed and just as happy to do something else when not.

She may find herself the center of attention but doesn’t crave it.

She knows how to look on the bright side of things and is able to keep a consistent positive attitude.

She is a gracious and grateful receiver but would rather be a humble giver.

She puts more value on people than she does in things.

She has a charm or magnetism about her that draws people to her and her friends would do anything in their power to help her because she doesn’t ask often.

She is more of a leader than a follower but is willing to work behind the scene and let someone else have the credit.

She doesn’t depend on anyone else to make her happy because she can create her own.

She is easy to please and hard to upset.

She understands you can’t take back spoken words so, she chooses hers carefully.

She has a good marriage and her husband wouldn’t trade her for a million bucks.

She knows it’s more beneficial to build her husband up vs. putting him down.

She is as faithful to her husband as the sun is on coming up every morning.

She understands her husband better than he understands himself so; she knows how to please him.

Finding a real lady is about as rare as finding a wheat leaf penny in your pocket change. It’s not like they’re not out there it’s just that you don’t come across them every day unless you happen to know one personally.

There are some women out there saying I aint no lady and don’t want to be. I’m not going to be all nicety nice to people that treat me like crap! That’s just not my style or who I am. It’s a man world and they’ll run over you if they get half a chance.

And that’s fine; they can stay in the crowd with the other 999 women. That just gives the one woman out of a thousand a better advantage on having a good happier marriage, the better job and more favor from the people she meets.

Being a lady makes you stand out in the crowd like a yellow rose in the middle of a field of clover. And men tend to walk over the clover not paying any attention to it to get to the rose.

As you can see from the list above there is a lot to being a lady. But, it all starts with just three main keys. Having self confidence, a positive attitude and a thorough understanding of men. Women already understand each other but that still leaves the other half of the population a mystery to them.

For instance, do you know what makes a man tick? How and why he thinks the way he does, Why he acts the way he acts, What motivates a man, How can you get a man to change or Why he likes to hang out with his buddies so much?

Kara gives you all the answers to these questions and much more in her e-book “Men Made Easy”. And shows you how and why walking in your feminine grace can improve not only your marriage but also all your other relationships too.

You could be the yellow rose in the field of clover that men want to pick and take the advantage of being that one in a thousand women when you get your copy of “Men Made Easy”.

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