Making Love

Making Love

Making love is a very important aspect of any normal marriage. And as most normal marriages go there will be times that love doesn’t just happen so you have to make it happen for your self and partner.

There is more to making love than what two horny teenagers do, although it may lead to that when done right. And since there is more to making love than just having sex, let’s explore the more to keep this rated PG13.

We’ve all heard of love at first sight. But that’s not really love it’s simply an attraction which could lead to love if pursued. Because there’s no way you could know if you really love someone without communicating with them!

You’re just judging a book by its cover at that point. You can admire every thing about them but if their feelings toward you aren’t mutual you’re really no better off than a puppy dog being lead around just hoping for some attention.

That’s just too one sided when someone ends up living a dog’s life? No, it takes communication, appreciation and mutual admiration to make love and a relationship work. And usually that’s not a problem when a couple first gets together.

Love seems to come so easy then. And after a period of time you start taking every thing for granted and get into your little comfort zones of complacency. Only fooling yourself thinking it will stay that way.

The heart to heart talks are replaced with arguments. Expectation takes the place of appreciation, which usually leads to frustration. And the mutual admiration turns into condemnation.

Making love requires a bit of work from both partners to make it grow. A giver will only give for so long until they give up without some kind of reciprocation. You can give love and receive love and true love has to flow both ways.

The old adage of love is blind may have some truth to it but your partner isn’t! To keep love alive it has to be taken care of. It needs to be seen and felt by your partner through thoughtful random acts of kindness.

Having a routine may be fine for doing chores or tasks at work but, not for making love! Love is an action; love is giving from the heart, not out of obligation or to always get something in return.

Being loved is a basic human need we all have. We can’t spend it, we can’t steal it and truth be known we really can’t buy it however; we can give it, receive it, make it, express it, show it, hold it back or kill it altogether by our actions.

The nice part about love is we can never run out of it, because the more we give the more we get in return. If there is a down side to love though, it’s the fact that it’s never free. Oh, it doesn’t have to be expensive money wise but there is always a cost of time.

You can express your love in as small amount of time as it takes to give a wink, a smile, a few kind words, a kiss or a hug. Making love is actually an investment of time to make your loved one feel special.

One Shot Ricochet

And the more time you put into it the greater the return. For instance, like taking the time to sit down and make a list of qualities or attributes that you love, appreciate and admire about your mate and turning it into a letter for them.

Now here’s where the not so random act of kindness can pay off with BIG time rewards! You save the letter until your mate is having a bad day or possibly just after an argument and hide it in an inconspicuous place but knowing they’ll find it there.

Once they read it, their whole out look on life will take a change for the better. Knowing they are special enough that you took the time to write it out and planned the timing to give them a boost when they needed it.

It may sound corny but, that’s making love. Because often times, a corny action leads to a horny reaction. Granted it’s only a one shot plot but the memories and reactions could ricochet for years.

Heroes vs. Zeros

There are a few things that make the difference between heroes and zeros. Heroes are action taking leaders who tend to think ahead of the rest that are left standing there saying to them selves why didn’t I think of that. And heroes are rewarded very well for doing so.

Heroes don’t give up. Even though they may have a few set backs every now and then they keep trying until they succeed. They are usually normal every day average people who do above average things.

They seem to have a knack at being creative and inventive and in the process coming off as exciting and full of surprises. And anyone in a relationship can be a hero to their partner without having to save the whole world.

All they have to do is save the day. And in order to save the day for your partner is just a matter of letting them know you really care about them and making them feel special. You could call that making love because who wouldn’t love someone that makes them feel special?

And one way to make them feel special is to get away for a few hours and spending your time with them doing something new and fun. Do something other than just hanging out watching movies or going out to eat again.

Go somewhere and do something that you’ve never done together before. Experience some new things and create some memories with them. First time doing about anything leaves the biggest impression whether it’s your first date, rock climbing or making love.

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But they could fire up your imagination to come up with some of your own interesting ideas. There’s a big world out there full of exciting things to do that you’ve probably never done or even thought of yet.

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Do you remember how exciting sex was at the beginning of your relationship? Has the passion turned into more of a routine? Does having sex remind you of the movie ground hogs day? Been there done that, what else you got?

When was the last time you had a mind blowing orgasm? What about your partner? Think that would make their day if you could do that for them tonight? Do you think they would return the favor? What? They don’t know how! Then you’re not living life to the fullest yet. That has to be “Boring in Bed“.

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