Pillow Talks

Pillow Talks

Do you remember the old days when you had those pillow talks? They happened all the time, they seemed to draw you both closer together. And back then your dreams and goals were planed together.

It was so positive you felt like the one laying next to you was your partner for life. There was nothing in the whole wide world that could change it either! Life was so good, your course was set in stone and you two were on the journey of a life time.

You talked about everything under the sun either one of you could think of when you were in bed together. Then sometimes though, the future and the past sort of got left behind because of the here and now.

After all, since you don’t live in the bed all day long and there was an opportunity to have them help you check out the flexibility of the bed springs. All the pillow talks could wait for awhile for some horizontal dancing.

Lonely Pillow Talk

Then one day for whatever reason, they weren’t there. All was left were the memories and an empty pillow that left you with missing pillow talk. There was a time you never dreamed it could ever happen to you.

But, that was then and this is now. So, now what’s the plan? Are you willing to let the dreams and goals die just like that? Is an impasse really and impasse or is it just an opportunity to grow closer together?

Actually, it’s whatever you want it to be. Because, if there was love before, there can be love again. And the pillow talks won’t have to end. Because love is like a fire and can be rekindled to have the flame burning bright again.

The problem is most people do the wrong thing. They get upset and it’s basically throwing water on the burning embers. Or they wait too long and get desperate and try pitching gasoline on smoking coals which puts it out too.

Ah, but there are a few that are really missing the pillow talk and will listen to a tried and proven way to get their ex back. Which simply boils down to doing the right things in the right order, even if the fire seems stone cold right now.

There’s no reason to be missing the pillow talks. And all the passion that goes with it when there is a way to rekindle the flames. The best part of it is T. W. Jackson will show you how to keep the flames going. So, you can have all the pillow talks you want again.

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