How Do I Get My Ex Back

How Do I Get My Ex Back

How do I get my ex back? It seems to be a popular question these days. And there is an answer for it if that’s really your goal. But, my question is why?

Aren’t ex’s, ex’s for a reason?

Whatever the reason, where there is a will, there is a way. It may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done though.

A friend will tell you the truth to save you embarrassment.

Have you ever been talking to someone and they would hardly look at you? Or even worse they kept staring at you and you wondered what was going on.

And then a while later a good friend walks up and tells you your pants are unzipped and you have food on your face. Didn’t your friend actually do you a favor by pointing out a few flaws?

Well, I’m a friend like that. So, wipe your face and zip up your pants. Because we have better things to talk about, if you want some help you get your ex back.

Now I wouldn’t suggest you spend $150+ per session for counseling. Because in most cases it’s a waste of time and money. Unless you happen to have some major issues.

We all have problems and usually it’s because we cause them ourselves. Like being selfish, demanding, insecure, demeaning, or angry or having an attitude of it’s my way or the highway.

And that doesn’t leave any room for compromise.

In every relationship there has to be some kind of compromise and forgiveness. Even with a pet or kids you’ll have to deal with some kind of crap.

The trick is not taking it personally. After all sh*t happens. Clean it up and wash your hands or walk around it.

However, when someone asks how do I get my ex back, usually they are the ones that are leaving the piles.

I know it stinks to be told that. And that’s the reason why getting your ex back will not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. You have to face facts and clean up some of your own old crap.

If you are anything like me. I can tell you what your problem is. You are human! And we are all in it for ourselves. We expect life to be fair but, it’s not. I hate to say it but, it’s true.

If you drive someone is going to ding your car, if you walk someone will leave something in your path to trip over and if you want a relationship your feelings could be hurt.

And you can view it all as negative and take it personally or take the responsibility on for yourself. When driving swerve, when walking step over or around it and in a relationship consider it a heads up to improve yourself.

Another one of our problems is we are prejudice when it comes to ourselves. We have trouble seeing our own faults and Lord help anyone if they would try to point them out.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but, there is no point in asking how do I get my ex back if we can’t face the facts. We all have some flaws that can get in the way of our goals.

We all need change to get to where we want to be. Nobody in their right mind wants to stay an infant all their life. But, in order to grow we have to go through some growing pains.

Life can be comfortable at times but, it’s not always easy. If you’re looking for easy than give up the idea of getting your ex back and move into your parent’s basement.

If that’s not an option for you then it’s time to do something different. All relationships have some pains as well as gains. It’s up to you to weigh them for yourself to see if it’s worth the cost.

Oh yeah, there is going to be a cost to get your ex back. You are going to have to swallow your pride. And admit you messed up. It won’t do much good to admit it to your ex until you make some real changes though.

Whatever you do don’t play the needy card! That doesn’t work unless your ex is the controlling type. And you don’t want to live under those conditions.

You’ve got some time to work on yourself if there ever was any love there. Sure your ex may start dating someone else. But it’s not likely they’ll dump you and get married right away.

My granddad used to say, “Experience is the best teacher but, her wages are high”. It sounds like to me you paid a high price with your break up for that experience though.

And now you ask, how do I get my ex back? So, I’ll ask you, are you certain you want your ex back? If so, he/she must mean an awful lot to you.

But, only you can answer that question.

Now, don’t get me wrong about all my questions. I don’t mean to give you the third degree. I just want to make sure you’ve thought this out and you are serious about getting your ex back.

Because there is a cost to get your ex back. You could try it on your own for free but, if you do it wrong it could cost you this relationship for good.

And if you’re truly serious, can you really afford to miss your last shot to get him/her back?

Personally I want better for you than that and to save you from wasting time and money. A therapist or counselor could charge you $150 per hr. or more and I’d charge $100 for consultation myself.

However, there is another way to get your ex back if you can follow some simple techniques’.

You see, a therapist or counselor has to spend time with you to figure you out and that can take several hours. And even then they won’t give you your money back if their advice doesn’t work.

And you can’t blame them for that. They take notes on their clients but, most clients depend on their memories. So, they don’t always follow the advice correctly.

Therefore they don’t get the results they could have gotten if they would have taken notes.

But, forget about all that crap. You know yourself better than a counselor probably ever will. If you want to know how do I get my ex back you could simply download an e-book and get your answers right now.

And you’ll even get a money back guarantee if you don’t get your ex back. Did I mention it costs a fraction of the price of a counselor?

Now you may think you have all the time in the world to do all the research yourself to get your ex back. But your ex is in the process of moving on with their life without you.

How bad do you really want them back?  It’s going to take a little time so, how long can you afford to wait to get started?

I apologize for not giving you all the answers you’re looking for on this blog post. But, I don’t know your circumstances. If you’d like to tell me for $100 per hour, I’d do some consulting with you.

However, there’s no need for you to spill your guts to me or anybody else right now. At least not until you read this book and give it a chance.

Have you ever lost your car keys and needed to get somewhere? And looked so hard for them that you over looked them. So, you called a locksmith to make a new set for you.

And when you got back home, there they were right where you put them. Why is that? How could that happen? Why did you pay extra for new keys when you didn’t have to?

Because you were in a hurry and felt like you were under pressure. And you didn’t want to miss something. Just like you’re probably feeling now when you asked how do I get my ex back.

Allow me to show you where your keys are to get your ex back. And even for less than and quicker than a counselor or a locksmith.

Simply –> click here <– to get the answer to your question of, how do I get my ex back.

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  1. Posted November 3, 2011 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    Breaking up IMHO is just a natural progression of the relationship. Breaking up can often lead to making up, which is a great opportunity to express your deep feelings for your other!
    Even in marriage, there is the “7 year itch”. Sometimes it is recurring, but you have to be able to differentiate between that and not wanting to be in the relationship to begin with!

    Chris: Hey Angelo, I know we are both plugging the same book. And I should have deleted your comment but, it’s such a rarity to have anyone follow the comment policy around here. So, I just couldn’t do it.

    Besides that I have to be a man of my word and follow the comment policy too. My passion is into saving relationships and we are on the same team after all. My best to you Buddy!

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