How Do I Convince My Man to Marry Me

How Do I Convince My Man to Marry Me

How do I convince my man to marry me? That’s a very good question sister and I know you aren’t the only gal asking the same thing. And the truth is there is an answer to your question. But, without knowing your situation personally, all I can give you is some common reasons why he WON’T from a guy’s perspective.

Before I do that though, let me say one thing. Marriage is a BIG COMMITMENT with the till death do us part and all the other parts of the vows. So, it could mean you have a keeper on your hands if he’s a man of integrity.

I’m sure he has a sense of humor but, he probably takes marriage seriously. And doesn’t want to make promises he can’t keep. If he’s never been married before, he could have the first time jitters.

If he has been married and divorced he may be a bit gun shy right now. After all one divorce is enough for one life time. But, either way at this point you haven’t sold him on the idea of marriage just yet. And it may be too early in the relationship as far as he is concerned.

One thing about men is the more a woman puts pressure on him the more he’ll resist. A real man may put up with his boss or even his mother telling him what to do but, when his girlfriend does, his mind isn’t thinking about marriage. He’s thinking more on how to escape.

A man is not into all that touchy feely emotional stuff unless, sex is involved. He’s gotten away from his mother and he’s not looking for another. Even if the other does give him sex!

The point is, instead of trying to control a man you should spend your efforts on trying to understand where he’s coming from. Then and only then, will you be able to influence him.

There is a big difference in being controlled and being influenced. Being controlled is like being nagged and almost forced to do something just to shut the nagger up. But, influencing somebody is making them think it was their idea and helping them see the benefit of their decision before they even take any action.

Yes I know, nagging seems like the quickest way to get the results you’re after but, it’s temporary at best. Because, nobody likes being controlled! They feel like a prisoner then, and prisoners try their best to escape.

No! That’s no way to start a marriage but, it’s a good reason to end one. Without giving you all the details you can trust me on that one!  Been there, done that, OMG don’t go there. PLEASE!

There are better ways than nagging to get your man to marry you. But, make sure you really want to marry him first. I wrote a blog post a couple years ago titled failing marriage. Because, we all have our own thinking and beliefs, on certain things some are flexible and some are almost carved in stone. And you need to compare notes before the honey moon to make sure you are compatible.

Every guy is a bit different but, they do have a lot in common. One thing is, a man wants to feel like he is the one in control; he’s the one doing the driving. And to convince a man to marry you, you’ll have to prove to him you don’t want to take over his position.

One way to do that is by showing him you’re happy just to ride along beside him on his journey. And a lot of women will mess this part up by being a back seat driver in the front seat.

Whenever he makes a wrong turn or hits a bump in the road she starts to complain or wants to take over. Instead of showing him how happy she is to be with him no matter where they go.

Dating is like a test drive to marriage. It’s on that journey where a man decides if she passed the test or not. So, for any gal trying to persuade her guy to marry her, here’s a small list of mistakes that will decrease her chances of ever hearing a marriage proposal.

Being dishonest or unfaithful, a man doesn’t want to marry someone he can’t trust.

Being a whiner or complainer, a man doesn’t want to marry a gal he can’t please.

Being a control freak, a man doesn’t want to marry his mother or his boss.

Being argumentative, a man doesn’t want to marry a woman who’s always looking for a fight.

Being a fault finder, a man doesn’t want to marry a mate to criticize him.

Being ungrateful, a man doesn’t want to marry a girl who won’t show him appreciation.

Now concerning the original question of how do I convince my man to marry me? And a simple answer would be, give him an emotional connection with you that no one has ever given him before. And when done properly you’ll become irreplaceable to him. Making you so irresistible he’ll want to go shopping for a set of rings with you.

If you would like more details on exactly how to accomplish that, then I recommend you check out “Girl Gets Ring.” It’s an e-book you can down load today from the privacy of your own home. It came out on the market this year and already has helped hundreds if not thousands of women just like you to solve the problem of how to convince my man to marry me.

Until next time

Be sweet,

Be neat,

And watch what you eat

Because, you don’t want your food

to miss your mouth and hit the floor


  1. Posted July 12, 2013 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    From a male perspective the more you push a guy to do anything they more he’ll resist – even if he actually wants to propose deep down inside.

    Just remember that some relationships aren’t meant to work out for a reason, but it’s only with hindsight you realize just how much of a bullet you actually dodged!

  2. Posted July 15, 2013 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    This was such a well defined article you have here Chris. What you had to say about how to read a man was soo spot on, believe me guys! From a guys perspective and the research I have taken out men don’t want to be controlled they want to feel they are in a partnership. Alot of men believe it or not will marry you and will bend over backwards for you, he just has to feel that he is not being manipulated (big key word).

  3. Posted February 24, 2014 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    I think many women who ask about how to make a husband love you, simply just don’t get how men think and you hit the nail on the head here when you wrote:

    “One thing about men is the more a woman puts pressure on him the more he’ll resist. A real man may put up with his boss or even his mother telling him what to do but, when his girlfriend does, his mind isn’t thinking about marriage. He’s thinking more on how to escape.”

    Many women think men are just big hairy women. They’re not and they think differently. If women understood more about how men think it would save a lot of hassles because she would get that one of the main keys to a happy man is a happy wife. Compliments are key, like you said!

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