Back2gether.com is all about helping couples who are going through relationship issues.

Being a blog it will be a work in progress just like your relationship. I’ll give you common sense solutions to common relationship problems and recommend other proven resources for you to speed up the process.

I won’t sugar coat this, relationships are a four letter word. WORK, and in the long run it can be worth all the effort you put into it. Life is all about seed time and harvest. You reap the seeds that you sow.

One more thing. Don’t bother making a comment if you won’t read the comment policy if you own a web site. After deleting 10,000 spam comments I can spot them in an instant. And If I have to delete 10,000 more before those morons catch on so be it.

If you have a question I have a FAQ page just for that. If you can’t find your answer I have a contact page. And yes it’s a bit unorthodox but it works for me because commenters very rarely leave a real e-mail address. And it’s the only way I work theses days after wasting hours of my time trying to answer questions only to have the come back undeliverable.

I invite you to work with me as some people have instead of against me. I’m not vindictive in fact just the opposite I go way out of my way to help folks. But I just don’t like to play games unless I get to choose them. And I prefer Free Cell over wasting my time on e-mails that are just going to come back to me anyway.

Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker