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It’s not necessary to have a website to leave a comment. The website field is just an option for those who do.

Website Owners for your own benefit… Read to the end to find out how to get the keywords of your choice as a back link to the site of your choice. However, if you have a site that has anything to do with porn or gambling you WILL Not get a back link from here! Google calls those sites unfriendly neighborhoods.

And PLEASE don’t use the copy and paste spam because I’ve read them all hundreds of times already. They won’t get you a back link from here anyway.

It appears my spam filter works pretty good because it deletes twice as many comments as I do. If you feel you followed this policy and your comment doesn’t show up contact me at

I love comments! I read 98% of them personally if they make it through the spam filter. If you’ll follow this policy when commenting I’ll publish it.

If you won’t take the time to read this, then don’t bother adding your URL because, your chances are 99.9% you just wasted your time commenting! Anything vague about the topic or trying to pump my ego up is just BS to me, stay on topic or don’t bother making a comment! Now if you can do that and still give me a pat on the back you’re guaranteed to get your keyword as a back link.

However, on the other hand if you happen to disagree with me and give a good reason why, you’ll still get a back link.

There is a Akismet plug in installed on this blog, it’s a spam filter and all comments goes through it, but not all makes it past. I read them if they do and pull a few out to publish. So, if your comment ends up in there you have a slim chance it will ever be seen by me or the public before it gets deleted.

To improve your chances to get a keyword rich back link, read and abide by this policy. And if you want to contact me go to the contact page, copy and paste my e-mail address into your favorite e-mail account and say whatever is on your mind.


Please don’t spam: by commenting like, “Thanks for the article. I liked reading it” or “Great Article. I loved it” or “Thanks for the tips” or “excellent info, keep it coming…” Bla bla bla or any such type of comments which have no value to my readers. If you don’t have any of your own original thoughts to put into the comment box about the topic, then please don’t bother commenting. I won’t accept any more comments like those. A proper comment should be at least 3-4 lines long pertaining to the topic, good bad or indifferent.

Site names are not allowed in the name field! There is a website field just for those already, please use it! Any site names in name field will be edited or comment deleted unless they follow your name and the @ sign.

Site owners wishing to Comment for Your benefit the No Follow tags have been removed and a Keyword Luv plug-in has been added to this blog. Which means you can have a “Do Follow” keyword back link for your site instead of your name as the back link.

Here’s how it works: Put Yourname@yourkeywords in the name field this will link your keyword only to your webpage. This will give you a boost in SEO back linking. Your keywords should all be lower case and no spaces between your name and the @ sign and your keywords.

Example: Or joejohnson@yourchoiceofkeywords. When you put your site address in the website field your keywords will be your link to it.

Is that too hard to understand? Let me know if it is. As far as the comments goes, just pick out a few lines in the article and give your opinion on them, good or bad. I can take it and value your opinion even if by chance you don’t agree with me. You don’t have to recap the whole article, some of them are pretty long.

You should control your language. Never ever think to use any abusive or harsh kind of words which hurts some body’s feelings other than mine, however I can take it if that’s how you feel. Feed back is always good.

No Signature Links. Please! Don’t put any kind of links at the end of your post or in your post. Like many People do as:


It will just be deleted anyway if your comment actually makes it on the blog.

Only put a link at the end if it is related and important to the topic.

Links in Comments: Any links in comments have no affiliation with this site. Just because the comments were approved and posted is not an endorsement for other sites. Feel free to click on them if you wish however, or any associates make no claims, warranties or guarantees for your results or for your own actions by doing so.

With all that being said, follow these easy rules, get some back link love from me for your site and leave your comment. And if you get the chance tell your friends I’m here for them too.

Comments that are off-topic will NOT generally be approved. I hate deleting comments but, after deleting over 250,00 spam comments so far, I’m starting to get used to it now.

Thank You for your cooperation,

Chris Baker