An Influential Woman

An Influential Woman

We have all been affected by an influential woman at some time in our life. And chances are more than just one too. She may have been your mother, teacher or an acquaintance.

Influence is like money though. It’s neither good nor bad on its own, but it can be used for either. Money can be used for food, clothing and shelter or to control the world.

And so, it is with influence. It’s a power every woman has. But, not every woman understands it enough to utilize it to its full potential. So she can control her world.

Kara Oh calls this influence “Feminine Grace” in her book Men Made Easy. Bob Grant calls it “Feminine Power” in his book The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave.

Now, I don’t claim to be as smart as Kara or Bob because they both have written books and I’m just a blogger. But, I call it being an “Influential Lady”.

I say lady instead of woman because; women understand other women and most are clueless when it comes to understanding men. An influential lady understands them both.

Not to be confused with the ladies of the night who understand men too well. Which winds up causing problems with other women who don’t understand their man. You get the picture.

Okay, let’s just take a look from an outsider’s perspective of each of these. And you decide which one you would rather be.

The first influential woman is a regular woman who understands other women but, not men so much. She understands her influence only enough to marry a man thinking she’ll have a story book marriage.

Then a few months or years after the honeymoon she’s feeling unloved or even unliked by her husband. And then she’s left dealing with the nightmare of the possibility there could be another woman.

The second influential woman may or may not be a lady of the night but, just the other woman. She’s a home wrecker all the same. She understands men alright but, from a selfish perspective.

She knows exactly what they like and is willing to give it up for a price. She doesn’t care about the wife at home.

It’s not always about a lasting relationship with her. It could be an ego trip or the thrill of being able to manipulate men. Or the grass is greener on the other side of the fence mentality.

The third influential woman may have a few imperfections and may not be a 10 in the looks department but, an influential lady is still every man’s dream!

Mr. Webster calls influence a power that comes from being rich or having a high position. And I’ll agree with him up to a point.

Influence is not all about money or authority. There are plenty of other ways to be an influential woman. Like the way you make others feel about themselves when they are around you.

Or your sense of humor, your smile, your mannerisms, your attitude, your character or your compassion can be an influence. Any of those things or a lot of your other attributes could have others putting you on a pedestal and looking up to you.

Being rich and having a high position can mean different things to different people. Just like beauty. A 10 may look like a 5 and a 5 may look like a 10 to some guys.

It’s all in the view of how each individual perceives things through their own perspective. The whole trick of a good relationship is simply, understanding your partner’s perspective.

So, how do you get the understanding of your mate’s perspective? It comes through dedication, communication and education.

These are the best investments you can make for your relationship. And as with any investment you have to give up something now for a bigger return later.

Dedication to a relationship requires you giving up your time with other people to pursue it. Once you find Mr. Right would you consider marring him if he asked you to?

How about if you found out he was still dating other women? Wouldn’t you question his dedication and commitment to you? And in turn affect your communication.

Dedication and commitment are both actions and communication is mostly words. However, body language is communication through actions. And actions do speak louder than words.

When your actions don’t match your words your influence can turn negative. And that’s worse than not having any influence at all.

You have to keep in mind consciously or subconsciously you are an open book for anyone to read. And you are constantly educating others about yourself.

To be an influential woman/lady, you can’t just project a persona. It’s a life style. It’s not hard to get the basics of. But, it’s an ongoing learning experience to master.

If you are an avid reader of this blog, and I know some of you are. Then you know I’ve touched on this subject a few times before. And by now you’re probably thinking I’m harping at you.

And maybe I am a tad bit. Just like your parents did every day to teach you to brush your teeth.  It wasn’t so much fun at the time but, you’re probably glad they taught you now.

It’s just that I truly care about my readers. And want to help you improve your life by being an influential woman. The benefits of it are only limited by your desires.

Do you think your life could be better if everyone liked, loved or respected you more? Do you think your marriage or other relationships would improve if they did?

Could you get a promotion if your boss thought better of you? Maybe even a better job all together and a fresh start with another company. Your options would be unlimited.

Some may even call it climbing the social or corporate ladder. Well, maybe or maybe not but it could be a step up, no matter what you call it.

If Mr. Webster was right and the only way you could be an influential woman is to be rich or in a high position. That means you have to be born into wealth, inherit a high position or climb those steps yourself.

Even if you were born rich and inherited a high position you’ll still have steps to climb to stay there. Because being a woman of influence requires a few extra steps than the average woman will ever take.

As the late Jim Rohn used to say, (paraphrasing here) the things of value in this life are on a higher shelf. And the only way to reach them is to stand on your knowledge from the books you’ve read.

In other words, you can’t better yourself if you don’t know any better.

Hey, that’s just how life works. But, there is nothing wrong with being average! Most women settle for it anyway. So, why would you want a better position than them?

Actually, it hardly seems worth reading a book or two to be an influential woman. What kind of gal would want to live with the same man her whole life, even if he does treat her like a queen?

Okay, besides an influential lady. But, where’s the variety in that? You would have to pass up all those future ex boyfriends and all the rejection that goes along with it.

Surely you wouldn’t trade all that just to be loved and respected by everyone you meet. Isn’t your life easy now? Why would you want to change anything?

After all, being an influential woman won’t solve all your problems. Because, it won’t make you immortal, you’ll still be human. And the rain will still fall on you like the rest of us.

However, when you can reach the higher shelf people tend to think of you as top shelf material. Most people can’t put their finger on the reason why they think of you so highly but they do.

When you can reach that high, it doesn’t mean you are any better than others but, it puts you above the crowd. And folks tend to show you more favor over the average woman.

Being an influential woman is a fairly rare quality these days.

They say it’s a “MAN’S” world. Being a man I really question that! But if it’s true, then life would be like an extension cord.

Here’s what I mean.

They’re opposites on both ends.

And they’re called male and female ends.

Coincidence? I think not.

The female end of the extension chord has no power until the male end connects to a source of power.

But, where does the male end get its power from?

You guessed it!

A (female) outlet. Now, who’s really in control here? A man’s world? That’s laughable to an influential lady.

No wonder they call them circuits.

Electricity goes around in circles just like people do.

And it doesn’t understand how it gets disconnected either.

The shocking truth is, a lot of women cause their own short in their cord. In doing so, they cause the sparks to fly and decrease their power as an influential woman.

Before this turns into a full blown book I’m going to hit the switch. But, before I do, let me give you a couple transformers you can choose from to plug into.

If you would like to improve your magnetism without all the electrical metaphors, energize with these.

Men Made Easy….. by Kara Oh

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave….. by Bob Grant

They are both good books to help you make any man feel connected to you. And discover the main causes of shorts in your cord (relationships) and how to avoid them. In turn completing the circuit and empowering you to be more of an influential woman.