I Want a Man to Love Me

I Want a Man to Love Me

Women say, “I want a man to love me”. And who doesn’t want to be loved? It’s one of our basic human needs after all, everybody wants to feel loved!

And girl, you should feel loved. Because there’s really no reasons why you can’t have a man love you too. There’s only one of you and that makes you unique and special enough to be loved. They say there is someone for everyone.

They also say timing is everything. And I’ll admit it helps a lot. But it takes more than just timing for a cowboy to lasso a steer successfully too. If he doesn’t know what to do with it after he ropes it, he could get hurt.

And it’s the same for women who don’t understand men. Married women feel unloved and frustrated too. Single gals are frequently in and out of relationships and getting hurt unnecessarily for lack of knowledge about men.

Sometimes it’s their appearance, whether they’re a 1 or a 10 in the looks department. Let’s face it; looks can play a big part in a woman’s self-image which can affect her attitude.

You know, guys have always liked gals and always will. And if you’re a gal your looks is not who you are as a person. So, whether you’re a 1 or a 10 you have to present yourself to him somewhere between a 3 and an 8.

It’s really about your self-confidence or lack thereof. If you think you’re a 1 you may not have enough confidence. And then you come off seeming too needy to a guy.

If you think you’re a 10 you probably have too much self-confidence. Then he fears you’ll be carrying his gonads around in your purse if he hooks up with you. And only let him have them back if you want sex or want the lawn mowed.

In reality your looks is not the only attracter factor for a man. No, not at all. Men want to be understood. And a lot of women just don’t get it.

Some men will be married to a 10 and cheat on their wife with a 1. Why do you think he would risk his marriage to do that?  Simply because the 1 shows him the understanding he craves and can’t get from his very own trophy wife.

It sounds weird, I know but, it happens all the time. Welcome to the real world. Men don’t think like women and most women have a hard time figuring them out on their own.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Women are born with a set of master keys basically to fire up a man’s engine. Instead of using them in the ignition they tend to cram them into the tail pipe. And wonder why he’s not fired up.

The good news is men aren’t as complicated as women think they are. It’s just a matter of knowing what he likes and dislikes.

Men can be prideful creatures with egos. And a lady who can understand how to use it will build a relationship with it. The gals who don’t get it usually end up destroying their relationship.

Only to move on to the next one saying I want a man to love me.

Listen my friend if you want a man to love you, you have to know what makes you lovable from his perspective. Once you learn that your goal is achievable. You’ll be half way there!

Be careful for what you ask for because you just may get it.

Men are like onions, you have to peal several layers to get to their heart. It’s not all that hard but, they still tend to bring tears to your eyes anyway.

However, if you have the right recipe they can spice up your life. And give it the flavor you’ll savor.

10 things you don’t need

1. You don’t need to be a super hero or a wonder woman to get a man to wonder if he has a chance with you.

2. You don’t need to be a magician to perform magic on a man to have him wanting you.

3. You don’t need to be a hypnotist to have him captivated by you.

4. You don’t need to be a sorcerer or cast spells to have him enchanted by you.

5. You don’t need to have a love potion to have him to fall madly in love with you.

6. You don’t even need to be a very good cook to get to his heart. (It wouldn’t hurt though)

7. You don’t need to look like a model to have him looking at you with admiration.

8. You don’t even need to be royalty to have him treating you like a queen.

9. You don’t need to be a god to have him devote his life to you.

10. And you don’t need to be solid gold to have him treasure you either.

2 Things you will need

1. Obviously a man, (your choice) choose wisely!

2. Ability to understand him, why he does the things he does, why he thinks the way he thinks, and how to motivate him so you can use it all to your advantage.

Women who say I want a man to love me, whether married or not can achieve that goal with just a tad bit of training.

Any woman who says I want a man to love me has got to be a bit independent. So, you may have considered doing all the researching and piecing it all together for yourself to save a few bucks.

And I can respect that having been strapped for cash at times myself. When I have more time than money, I have to do things the hard way too.

However, having a man to love you is really not about independence, is it? Now, I don’t know your situation whether you are married, in a relationship or just looking for a man.

Because saying I want a man to love me could put you in any one of those categories.

But, what I do know is, if you want a man to love you and be the woman of his dreams, without wasting time with more tedious research.

Claire Casey has compiled her years of dating and marriage experiences into a nice package that you can download right now.

And I’ll guarantee if you’ll read the PDF’s or listen to the MP3’s and put your new found knowledge into practice your relationships with men will noticeable improve!

All men have a few common denominators. And once you understand those you will be surprised how well you can charm any man.

Yes, even a stubborn husband, a boyfriend who just wants to sleep with you but hasn’t asked you to marry him yet or even a new man who comes into your life.

To put it simply it’s just a mindset adjustment. Women tend to have more ability when it comes to influencing men than men do over women.

And your influence can affect his behavior for better or worse. Most women don’t understand their own power and how to control it for the good of the relationship.

Claire explains it all in “Capture His Heart“. There’s a slim possibility this book won’t help you. But, it will help you if…

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You already have that skill within you; you just need a little help to develop it into its full potential.

And I highly recommend you check it out right now and capture his heart. I know you will be glad you did and so will the men in your life.

Now, Don’t get me wrong here! I’m NOT implying in any way that you’re not perfect just the way you are! I just know human nature. We’re all looking for ways to improve ourselves. Even the 10’s buy makeup.

I guess even they know there is always room for improvement. But, who doesn’t want to be the best they can be? Only the people who are content settling for whatever life happens to throw at them, I guess.

But there’s no reason for you to settle when you’re only a click away from discovering how to have real relationship success!