Should I Stay in an Unloving Marriage

Should I Stay in an Unloving Marriage

Mary writes, should I stay in an unloving marriage? And if she has lived like that for awhile, it’s a reasonable question born out of frustration. Because she’s not feeling like she is loved anymore.

Without knowing all the details, to give an answer to her would be poor advice at best. However, Mary is only one in thousands of women who feel the same way. So, to help Mary and the other women feeling unloved, let’s just cover one of the causes.

We’re all in this for ourselves; it’s the selfishness side of us. And you know it’s true! We all want to have the upper hand in our dealings. Whether it has to do with buying something or in an argument.

There’s a self satisfying need to come out feeling like the winner. With a merchant, it doesn’t matter if they end up making a dime or not. And it’s easy to justify too. With, at least I helped them get rid of some of their inventory.

And they say yeah, thanks pal, right before they go out of business. The down side is you have to find a new merchant to bargain with. And it can end up being several miles farther away.

So, you end up paying more in the long run than paying full price with the other guy.  Yep, good choice!

In an argument with your husband, if you hit below the belt and emasculate him, you could be out of business too. And you’re left asking, should I stay in an unloving marriage? And you don’t know why he doesn’t seem to love you anymore.

Now I’m sure your husband is special to you. However, he’s still a guy. And men will take a beating when they have to. But, after a few times they wise up and avoid the source of it.

You have to keep in mind; he wants to feel like a winner too. And men aren’t as sensitive as women are for the most part. They’re more like dragons with their armored scales.

But, there is always at least one open spot or lose scale making them venerable. And when you find that spot and keep hitting it, maybe even unknowingly to you, it still hurts him.

And leaves you wondering if you should stay in an unloving marriage? Well don’t feel alone, because he’s asking the same question too. And also wondering why you would shoot those poisonous darts at the same tender areas to make him feel less than a man.

If Mary wants her husband to love her again, she has to make him feel like a man. And show him enough respect to stay away from his sensitive areas. Otherwise she’ll open her self up to a new set of problems.

And her question could change from should I stay in an unloving marriage to how do I get the ex back? Because any self respecting man knows he has his flaws but he doesn’t want to be constantly put down for them.

A wife that’s lived with her husband for a while has an unfair advantage. Because she knows his imperfections and can use them against him at will. However, she may not even have a clue as to why he is the way he is or why he does the things he does.

And it’s this lack of understanding that can drive her crazy and make her feel unloved. So, she sets out to change him using some advice she got out of a women’s magazine or from a girl friend.

Which is poor advice, usually doesn’t work and just makes matters worse. Change can be easy but it always has to start with our self, if we want it to last.

Temporary change is not real change at all. And you’ll be back to the same old question of should I stay in an unloving marriage? Once you understand men you’ll see all it takes is a few minor tweaks to be the woman men adore and never want to leave.

Most women want to feel adored, cherished and secure in their relationship. And men want to feel respected, looked up to and not down on. When a woman makes him feel bad about himself he loses interest in her.

That’s just how men are wired. When you can make your man feel good about himself he’ll try his best to make you feel adored and cherished. He’ll do anything in his power to make you happy.

Because he’ll see more value in you than he does his money. And to prove that’s true, just look around, it happens all the time. Men walking away from their marriage losing half of everything they own for another woman.

And sometimes the other woman is not even as attractive as their wife. I know, it doesn’t make any sense unless you understand men. A lot of women think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or a little lower.

And sometimes a relationship can start off pretty good thinking that way. However, if you don’t understand men it won’t be a satisfying or enduring relationship.

Because he has a greater need not being fulfilled by just sex and eating good food. And they don’t teach this in schools. So, if you’re asking yourself should I stay in an unloving marriage?

You either weren’t listening to your mother or she didn’t even know the secret about men to tell you. Most people learn from imitating others who they look up to. Isn’t that how you learned to walk, talk, read and write?

It’s not your fault if you didn’t have an instructor. Most people don’t learn things from intuition or some kind of a revelation. At times we need help from someone who has experienced the same problem and over came it.

Or help from an expert on the subject because they have been studying it for years. This is why Bob Grant wrote the book titled The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave.

Being a marriage counselor he knows it’s hard to get men to come with their wives to counseling sessions. And not everyone can afford it anyway at 150 dollars a session.

If you’re wondering if you should stay in an unloving marriage it sounds like it’s not getting any better. And if you don’t do something soon it could change for the worse if some other gal comes along.

And there’s no point in making it any more complicated than it really is, by allowing a third party to get involved. They say you don’t miss what you have until it’s gone.

But if he’s still there, with a little bit of knowledge and understanding about men you can rekindle his passion for you again. And you won’t be asking should I stay in an unloving marriage anymore.

Let me share one secret about men with you. Men want to feel in charge, the king of his castle, and the head of his house.

So, if he’s the head that makes you the neck and you can turn that head anyway you want to, when you understand how men think. And he’ll love every minute of it too.

The bottom line is, you want to feel loved again. Right? And since in his mind he’s the head and you didn’t even realize you were the neck.

Somebody has to tell you it’s your lack of understanding men that’s causing you to be doing something wrong to be turning him away from you instead of toward you.

Today for only $47 you can download your copy of The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave. And I believe you can be that woman if you really wanted to.

Okay, I hear you. My husband would kill me if I spent $47 on an e-book. Trust me if your asking should I stay in an unloving marriage, he is too.

And if you’ll read this book and put it into practice by the time the bill comes in. I know he won’t kill you, in fact he’ll love you for it. But if he doesn’t you can have your money back anytime within 60 days. However you should be seeing improvements within a week.

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave