Husband Wants Divorce

Husband Wants Divorce

When Sue was asked why she was crying she said, “My husband wants divorce“! Through her uncontrollable sobbing it was easy to see how devastated she was. She just didn’t see it coming.

They had a picture perfect marriage with two of the cutest little kids too. The problem started when a gal at work was showing Bob more attention then Sue did at home. And one thing leads to another until he broke the news to her.

While telling me the details, Sue admitted how he could possibly feel that way. And to make a long story short, she had been too busy over the last few months.

With her job, helping to plan her nieces wedding, taking care of a sick relative and dealing with her kids. She had been neglecting her home work with Bob. It was no wonder her husband wants a divorce. Since he felt like he’s at the bottom of her priority list.

With all this going on she felt like her marriage was a jigsaw puzzle in pieces. Well, since she put it like that, now it’s doable. And with anything doable there is an easy way and a hard way.

A marriage and a jigsaw puzzle have some similarities. If you want to work a puzzle the hard way, you pick the highest traffic area of your home, like a hallway. And dump all the pieces out on the carpet and throw the box away.

Next lay down there and turn all the pieces upside down. Then start from the middle and work your way out. Since you can’t see the picture, it’s going to take some time.

So, expect to get walked over, around or on. In the process you’ll probably get upset when your pieces get trampled and won’t fit together anymore. Tempers will flare causing needless arguments until your husband wants a divorce instead putting up with all the nonsense.

However, the easy way is to clean a table off. You know you have to do that because every flat surface collects stuff. Then empty the box out on the table, keeping the big picture in view.

With a marriage or putting a jigsaw puzzle together you have to get the big picture. Or you’ll just be doing it the hard way. Got the picture? Good, now spread all the pieces out turning them shinny side up.

Okay, we know they have an ugly side but we won’t dwell on that. And some of them will be a little rough around the edges, just like people are. But it’s alright; those edges have a way of cleaning themselves up when they try to fit in with their mate.

Next you’ll want to separate all the edge pieces and put the border together. In a marriage that’s like setting boundaries. And anything that doesn’t fit within the frame is a piece that needs to be eliminated. Especially when it’s a too friendly friend with your mate or your self.

There’s no way to make room for it and it won’t add a thing to the big picture. And trying to force fit it in can leave a lasting effect like a nasty scar. In most cases it’ll be a major ordeal to repair.

As bad as having an extra piece in a marriage is, that can and should be pitched. It’s just as bad to have a missing piece, like communication because that can cause you to miss the picture. Either way it could cause a wife or husband to want a divorce.

When you have the puzzle box top you’ve got the picture. And it’s sort of a blueprint or plan for building the puzzle. If you’re working on a desert scene and come across a piece with a sail boat on it, you know it doesn’t belong.

Because it’s not in the picture so it’s not a part of the plan. No building contractor would build a house without a plan. Except maybe something like an out house. And there’s no foundation to that. People may want to visit but nobody wants to live there.

The purpose of the foundation is not just to add more expense to a home. Which it will do that. But it also adds stability and sets the boundaries for the exterior walls. And the exterior walls hold up the roof and protect you from the outside elements.

So, without exterior walls you won’t have a roof or protection. And without a foundation you won’t have any stability and without a plan you won’t have a foundation. It’s no wonder a lot of marriages are like living in a stinking outhouse.

And after awhile of that somebody wants a divorce. In Sue and Bob’s case they didn’t have a plan and the boundaries were skewed. So, basically they didn’t have a solid foundation to build on.

As with most marriage problems it boils down to a lack of understanding and a lack of communication. If Sue only understood how men think they would have had a foundation to build on.

The gal at Bob’s work couldn’t have inched her way into Sue’s puzzle, causing him to say he wants a divorce. And Sue could have still helped out with her relatives.

With only a few minor tweaks on how she handled her situation, Sue could have slut proofed her marriage at the same time. Like they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But, what’s the cure for Sue?

Knowledge and understanding on how to communicate to Bob. Bob doesn’t think like or communicate like Sue’s mother, sisters or girlfriends and probably never will. Because men have their own way of doing it, but it’s not hard to understand once you know why.

Why? Because men are raised different than women are. No little boy wants to be called a sissy. And no man wants to be a wussy either. Okay there may be a few limp wristed fellers out there that do, but that’s another totally different subject.

Ladies if you’re having relationship problems with your husband, you just need more knowledge about him, that’s all. You may both speak the same language but you’re not having the same understanding it takes to really communicate.

And if you’re waiting on him to explain it to you, chances are he doesn’t even know how or where to begin. So, your marriage puzzle is actually at risk. While you’re hoping your husband will help you put this puzzle together.

You’re leaving the door wide open for someone else to come in and take away or add extra pieces. You need to get the big picture of your puzzle you’re working on. And you can find it in “Men Made Easy“.

When you grab your copy today, you’ll gain the insights into a mans mind you’ve been missing. And when you start putting your new found knowledge into practice he’ll gain an admiration and appreciation for you. Then you can stop worrying about hearing your husband wants divorce.