This One’s for You Babe

This One’s for You Babe

He’s standing in the shower then she gets in and says this one’s for you babe. And it’s music to his ears. His putter starts to rise and they have at it. In less than five minutes she’s drying off.

Sex is important for a marriage. There’s not always time for the romantic dinner and a lot of foreplay. Especially if you both have obligations with work, school or kids. You can fill in the blanks for your self.

So, to keep the relationship alive and well she may say this one’s for you babe. And when all you have time for is a quickie, she’s not expecting to have the best sex of her life anyway.

Every now and then quickies are fine, but not every time! She has needs that can take more than just a wham bam thank you Mam is giving her. And for some guys that’s the best they think they can do.

If they lasted ten minutes they think they’re breaking a world record. But, that’s not true but what is true is that there’s help for that. I know, most guys with a premature ejaculation problem don’t want to talk about it. It’s a guy thing.

But on his behalf though, who would he ask? His brother, dad, or buddies? Which may not have any advice for him anyway because; they’ve never had that problem. And then he risks being called quick shot by his friends.

Chances are the only people that know about his premature ejaculation problem are him and his wife. Maybe an ex girlfriend or two and of course anyone else his women have told out of frustration.

For both of the couple it can get frustrating and down right emasculating to him. Sometimes even to the point he doesn’t want to have sex with his wife. He feels like a failure for not being able to satisfy his wife and doesn’t want to disappoint her anymore. And she feels like her husband doesn’t love her anymore.

Or just as bad, she thinks it’s not worth her time to have sex with him. Either way his ego can get shattered and he feels useless. However, there is a way to turn this whole situation around to give him his self respect back and increase his stamina. Then he’ll be able to say this one’s for you babe.