How to Break Free From the Single Girl Syndrome

How to Break Free From the

Single Girl Syndrome

Do you have single girl syndrome? Meaning, you want a boyfriend but, you don’t have one yet. So, you seem to find yourself just going out with the girls instead. It’s not like you don’t have a good time with them. But, it would be nice to have a date with a guy every once in a while too!

You and your girlfriends go out to places where guys hang out, hoping to meet one. But, very seldom does that ever happen, at least not for you anyway. So, you and your three or four friends just sit around and visit with each other.

It may be true there’s safety in numbers. However, unless you’re waiting for a cowboy to come along and cut you out of the herd, you’ll have to give a guy some help. The more girls you’re with the more intimidating it is for most guys to approach you. Because they only get one chance to make a first impression on you.

You see, guys have fears too. And one of the biggest ones for them is getting their ego bruised. He may feel the risk is just too great to deal with that many girls at the same time. So, you have to give him the feeling you’re willing to split the risk with him in some way by making yourself more approachable.

All he’s looking for is a sign that you’re interested in meeting him as much as he is to meet you. He wants to make a good impression on you but, he fears your peers. Your girlfriends seem like a threat to him. Impressing one girl at a time is a challenge on its own. And trying to impress all the rest of them may seem impossible to him.

So, if you notice him looking at you make eye contact at least three times. (Some guys can be slow to pick up on your signals) If you want to be more aggressive give him a smile or a wink. Invite him over with a wave. In other words give him some form of permission to approach you! Then he’ll feel less intimidated by all your friends. He’ll feel his chances of being rejected and embarrassed, shattering his ego will be a lot less riskier to him.

There could have been a guy watch you come in, just waiting for a chance to meet you. Or he came in after you did and checked you out. But, you may never know as long as you’re sitting with your girlfriends. So, get up and move around a bit. If they have some sort of games there, go play one by yourself and give him a chance to approach you one on one.

If not, get up and go to the restroom and take the long way back to your friends. If you happen to pass an interesting guy sitting all by himself stop and talk to him. Humor is always a good ice breaker. Say something quirky like; “Are you waiting for someone special or will I do?”

Okay there is a risk; he may be waiting for somebody else. Either way you made his day and made him feel good about him self. But, if he’s not waiting for someone you’ve made him smile and possibly laugh. You’ve taken away the risk for him, showed him your level of confidence, and gave him permission to have a conversation with you.

Some girls may say I could never do that, he’s way cuter than I am. Let me share a secret with you. Looks are important to guys but, there are other traits more important than just looks to him. Mainly your personality, anything lacking in the looks department can be made up for with a positive attitude.

Guys are typically lazy, they don’t mind working but, they don’t want to work any harder than they have to. An ungrateful woman even if she is a 10 is too much trouble to try to keep happy. And a man wants to make his lady happy. But, he will give up even trying if she never shows him any appreciation.

So, if a guy buys you a drink, holds a chair for you or hands you something, use it as an opportunity to say thank you. Let him know you appreciate him. And if you really want to impress him add a little ego inflating comment to the end of your thank you.

This may sound a little corny but, it works on guys. If he does something for you and you say “thank you, wow not only cute but a gentleman too”. You’ve showed him appreciation and paid him a compliment.

Now, you have to keep coming up with some new lines pretty often, because the same one will get old. And you don’t want him to catch on to what you’re doing. Like I said guys can be pretty slow at times.

He may not even realize you’re training him to crave your companionship.

If you want to make an emotional connection with a guy, make him laugh. What better emotion is there than laughing?  When we laugh our bodies release endorphin which helps to relieve stress, tension pain and depression.

It also increases our immune cells to help fight off sickness and disease. So, if you want a happy healthy boyfriend leave out the drama and add more humor to keep him laughing.

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Until next time take care and remember:

Life is all about relationships with other people

And other people are all about their feelings

So, if we always regard other people’s feelings as

Much as we do ours, our relationships with other people

Will always be easier, valued and long lasting.

Chris Baker