Priv Pol

Privacy Policy:

Your Name and E-mail address will never be sold, given away, or traded to anyone else. Unless I sell this site then they will have to agree to the same terms.

I have a three page privacy policy on my hard drive written by a lawyer in legalese that could be plugged in here instead of this and would give me all kinds of rights to do whatever I wanted to do with your e-mail address.

But, I like to treat people the way I want to be treated and I hate spam too.

You probably won’t see a privacy policy like this anywhere else. You know, one you can actually read and understand. The first sentence pretty much sums it up. And the only reason this is even here is because Google likes to see them on every site and oh, yeah it’s the law.

And yes, that is my mug shot below. I added it just to let you know that there really is a God and he has to have a since of humor or I would look more like Tom Selick. And also if you are having marriage problems your mate is looking pretty good compared to that now! Right.


Christopher Baker